Workout Schedule Sample Template – How To Start Your Fitness Journey

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Who says you cannot shape your body without going to gym? You can do this when you know what exercise to do based on your target. With the help of workout schedule template, now you can plan your exercise to target certain body part. This is available for free with premium features. If you are planning to lose some weights, build muscles and also strenghten it the template is here for you. There are many people who do workout at home and they successfully build their own muscle.

workout schedule

Why Is The Workout Schedule Template Is Important?

This is an important step if you have a goal. Workout for beginners always sounds difficult and unreachable. Most people give up in the middle of journey because they don’t set up their schedule properly.

Workout Training Schedule in Word Doc

A schedule is a perfect way to plan your goal because you will think about the step to do from the lighter exercise to the heavier one. Besides, you can also set specific hours or days in your workout schedule so this will not end up in a boring routine.

Fitness Schedule

Furthermore, using a schedule help you do more things such as noting down the diets you need to fasten your weight loss process besides doing workout. You can also keep controling your blood sugar, BMI and also blood pressure using our spreadsheets.

How To Begin Your Fitness Program?

Starting the fitness program is always the best step you can do for your health. The physical activity will reduce the risk of certain diseases such as stroke, heart attack, and even improve your depression. The benefit of exercise has been proven many times that it will boost your self-esteem as well as build your sleeping habit. You can start your fitness journey by following the tips bellow:

  • Know your fitness level – You might think that you are so fit and your body will not have problem with some movements. But if you are beginner, you have to begin with the lightest workout to prevent it from injuries. Consider to record your activity such as the pulse rate, how many push up you can do, and so on.
  • Design your fitness journey – Use our workout schedule template to help you design the type of workout that suits your target. First, your fitness goal is to have the eleven-lines abs. This works best when you start with the abs exercise such as planks, crunches, side planks and so on. Remember to start slow and then add the difficulties and the type of exercise.
  • Bring your plan to routines – To stick up with the fitness schedule is so difficult. Everyone feels it that they often lose motivation. There are always some times you think you want to give up. But the best thing is to bring your workput into your routines. Don’t force yourself, just bing it to the routines and begin with slow movements and quick workout. 10 minutes, 15 mintes, 30 minutes and then 1 hour. After you think the minutes you set suit you best and you start enjoying it, then make it constant.
  • Prepare your equipments – Probably you want to start with the right shoes sch as running shoes which are lighter and suits for exercise.

Workout Weekly Weight Training Schedule

That’s all our quick tips about how to start your fitness journey. Don’t forget to download our workout schedule template for free here!