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One of the most important things you should do to make your day better is scheduling your activity. This will help you decide which task needs to be prioritized so you can reach your goals better. Furthermore, you might need to make a schedule to train you to be more professional. Therefore, we provide tons of work schedule templates you can use for free on this page.

Blank Weekly Work Schedule

In workplaces, there are typically two types of work schedule templates, which are traditional schedules and alternative schedules.

  • Traditional shift schedule – The specific times vary, but most companies apply the three distinct shifts. Traditionally, the working schedule is begun between 8-5 p.m which includes an hour for break. For the evening schedule, usually it is begun from 3 p.m until midnight and the midnight shift will end until 8 a.m. However, some companies also schedule the same shift and some industries prefer to have several working times to give a maximum boost.
  • Alternative Schedule – This one is the addition of the part-time schedule in which the companies use the alternative work schedule to attract talent. Besides, flexible working hours enable the employees to adjust their shifts whether they want to do early or late shift.

Employee Work Schedule Example

Creating a schedule is a daunting task. You have to deal with many things from the companies’ aspect and the employees’ too. The use of a work schedule template will only help you with the easiness of creating the format. You need to follow the tips below to make your working schedule effective.

  • Make Sure You Know Your Team – This is the basic thing you should have before starting making a schedule. Each shift should be filled with the most skillful employees to help you maintain the quality of the work. By knowing the employees, it is easier for you to distribute them in different shifts. You might want to consider a certain factor bellow:
  • Relevant skills
  • Name of the employees
  • Part-time or full-time status
  • Personality
  • Overtime restrictions

Best Weekly Workout Schedule

By knowing these factors, it will be easier for you to make the shift schedule without letting yourself being biased to pair certain employees because you group them based on several factors.

  • Establish Communication – Communication is the key to everything, including when creating a schedule. This will be easier for each employee to notice which area they should focus on. Besides, this avoids you from unnecessary misunderstandings.
  • Release The Schedule Soon – Releasing schedule should be done as quick as you can so your employees can adjust their time. This is the most nervous time for them that they should synchronize the working hour with personal life. Furthermore, give a little space for your employees sometimes to be flexible. Some employees have certain urgent things to do. For example, their family has got an accident and they need to adjust their working time. Let them exchange it with other staff so your company still can work smoothly.

That’s all our quick tips about how to make a schedule using our work schedule template. We hope it helps you.