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When you are hired by a company or an organization, you are required to sign certain documents as a part of your commitment and promise to follow the rules, terms and other policies stated by the company. If you are an employer, drafting this document is a must. You may need the work agreement template. On this page, you can find unlimited templates including the work agreement.

Remote Work Agreement Template

The work for hire agreement template contains important details that you need, so you will not miss out on important details. You can use our templates and samples as a reference.

Volunteer Work Agreement Template

Why Do You Need To Have The Work Agreement Template?

If you are running a business, even though a startup or on a small scale, using the work agreement contract template is a must. Why? Because this can ease your task and simplify your work.

Work Experience Agreement Template

Some companies want to limit certain information and they want to make sure their sensitive data will not leak. Besides, a company also needs a contract as hiring an employee is not easy. A commitment is a must to make sure their business activity running stable.

Work From Home Agreement Template

What Is A Work Contract?

A work contract is a document that is drafted by the employer or company as a form of agreement that should be signed by the candidate before working there. It is crucial to clarify the responsibilities and the right of each party. In the future, if there is a dispute, this document can be valid proof to defend themselves in front of the court.

Work Order Agreement Template

What Do You Need To Explain In The Agreement?

Even though each company will have different format and terms when it comes to working agreements, at least there are several aspects that you have to include in this document, which are:

  • Work Schedule – You need to write the work schedule for the applicant. Make sure you explain it in the early contract so the candidate will consider it. The work schedule details to include are the number of days, number of working hours, number of break times, how the break times should be implemented, shifting procedures, and daily schedule.
  • Job description – This is about the job description of the candidate based on its function in the company. Make it clear about the position and the responsibilities they need to take. The details that you need to include are job position, the job function, the task needs to be performed, the nature of the department and also the company division.
  • Salary and compensation – This document should explain the monetary amount, the job functions, and another important aspect. Several items are also important to be included such as the salary and compensation. You have to list down the salary per month, the dates of the payday, the allowances for a specific period, bonuses, and appraisal.
  • Nature of work – Review any detail in the work agreement related to the work of the candidate. Including the nature of work, how the career will bring him/her in the future.
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Sample Work Agreement Template

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