5+ Sample Weekly Student Report Template And Tips To Make A Better Report

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Most teachers or professors will need the weekly student report template to help them identify their performance in the academic institution. Besides, knowing the performance in a report can help them to notice which area needs to be developed and this is good for the teacher/professor evaluation too. On the other hand, this template is also helpful for students who want to monitor their progress.

Student Weekly Report Form

Our page provides you samples with the report inside so you can learn it quickly. You can download our samples and another report on this website which each of it is designed for different purposes.

Student Weekly Report Format

The Elements of Weekly Student Report Template (For Elementary Students)

Besides providing report templates for higher-level students, we also have the elementary student report template that can help you monitor your kids’ learning development.

Student Weekly Analysis Report s

These templates bring you a report format that includes the activities and performance during the day for a specific duration. The information we include are:

  • Individual behavior and characteristics – This relates to how they behave in the learning session and the class. For example how they treat others and how they participate in the group.
  • Students’ Habit – This is another critical aspect for elementary students which the activities should include their reading and listening skills. This should be included in the project submission, assignment, and other activities to help them build their communication skills.
  • The mid-semester grade points – This is the way we measure the students’ abilities in various subjects. So we include this element on our template.
  • The weekly comments – Teachers should give weekly comments for the parents and let them know about the kids’ development. Most parents need some input to help teachers form and shape the kids at home. Because without the help of parents, this is difficult to have significant progress. The parents spend the time with the kids the most, so they are the ones who can conduct the kids.
  • Space for signature – We include the signature for the parents to prove that the report has been checked.

Weekly Student Behavior Report

How To Write A Better Students Report

We understand that writing a student report is a daunting task. You need to pay attention to each kid and check their development. The following are some tips you can follow to ease your work.

  • Comments should be easy to understand – It is important to make your comments on the report easy to understand so you don’t have to explain it over and over again in front of parents. Explain how the progress goes on to every kid.
  • Stick to the point – Never begin the report with too much opening and unimportant words just to try to look good. The important is the messages will be delivered well to the parents. So to make it quick, always stick to the point.
  • Avoid jargon – This is important! Avoid jargon because not all parents understand the teacher’s jargon. Explain it simply.

Weekly Student Academic Progress Report

That’s all our quick tips about how to make a better report using our weekly student report template. Download it now!