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Sending a wedding thank you note to your guests is important, but it can also be a daunting task.This is a good gesture for being polite and show your gratitude for coming to your wedding day.

The wedding thank you cards message template on this page can be download for free. It comes with interesting features and beautiful designs. It is not just a “thank you for attending our wedding message”, but you can edit and customize the template for free and suit it with your thought and words. We understand that a wedding thank you note is something personal, so you have to write it with meaningful words.

Sample Template wedding thank you note wording the knot

However, not all people have a lot of ideas about writing a note, you can follow this tip to write an outstanding a thank you note.

How To Write A Wedding Thank You Note

Track The Wedding Guest Address

The reason why you create a guest book is to help you track the wedding address. First thing first, you should make sure the mailing address is valid. Now you are living in a digital era that enables you to track the people easily. Make sure you will not send your note to the address they are no longer living in. You can optimize the address book company to collect their information.

List Down Everyone You Want To Thank

List down the name of the guests you want to send the notes, mention also the reasons. You can sort it out from the engagement, honeymoon and also post-wedding. Check the gift they brought to you and send the note with a personal message. Besides, make sure include people who are in this list:

Everyone who attended your engagement

  • The party host
  • Bridal shower
  • People who gave you gifts
  • Groomsmen and bridesmaids
  • Officiants
  • Wedding vendors
  • Parents
  • People who help you during the preparation
  • People who contribute to your wedding day

Print The Wedding Thank You Notes

You can pick your favorite design of wedding thank you notes on our templates. The templates can be redesigned as you like. You can have it printed in unlimited numbers.Furthermore, it is also cheaper for you. Sometimes, buying the wedding thank you notes is pricey.

Sample Template wedding thank you note wording for money

Know What To Write Wedding Thank You Notes

This crucial because your writing should be very touchy and meaningful. It should show your gratitude and appreciation. If you don’t have any idea about how to write a thank-you note, you can use our wedding thank you note as the reference.

Sample Template destination wedding thank you notes

Besides, you will want to make it personal. Therefore, don’t forget to address the person by name and also write specific things such as the gift they have or whatever things related to your benefits such as time and effort.

Send The Thank You Note At The Right Time

Probably, you are wondering the appropriate time to send the thank you note. It is good if you can send it as soon as you can. Sending it three months after the wedding party is advisable. Generally, people send the thank you note as soon as possible after they have received the gifts.

Try To Keep Tracking Your Note

Whatever the expedition you have chosen, you should track your thank you note and then mark it once you get a notification your note has been delivered and arrived safely. Use the spreadsheet to ease you marking the note.

Sample Template wedding thank you notes etiquette

Be Effective

Writing with your hand can be very tiring. Of course, you are allowed to print it using the wedding thank you note templates. Use fonts that close to your handwriting but it is still readable.