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Having an unforgettable wedding day is everyone’s wish. Everyone wants to remember the best time of their life. A wedding day can be a disaster if it is not planned properly. Because of this problem, you have to download the wedding day checklist templates. You will thank us later for having this tool because it is very beneficial.

Wedding Day Emergency Checklist

A checklist is one of the best ways to make sure you don’t miss any important detail of your wedding. Through our website, we want to help you make your preparation easier by giving you the free wedding day checklist printable templates. You can also edit the template based on your need but you have to download it in another format such as Word and Excel.

Wedding Day Items Checklist

Steps To Do To Make A Perfect Wedding Checklist

Some people might not be accustomed to make a checklist. If you are one of them, we will help you how to make the effective one with the following steps:

  • Make a timeline – This is crucial in any kind of aspect and work field. A timeline will help you decide which one is the most important job, and which one is the less crucial ones. Whether your wedding is 12 months or 5 months ahead, always make a timeline. By doing this, you can figure out which task should be finished first and which one can be delayed and be finished later.
  • Set the task priority – The next important thing to do regarding the task is to make the priority. You will always have some works to be done soon and some works that need a longer time to do. List down all of the tasks and then decide which one should be finished first.
  • Always try to follow your timeline – After you have set your timeline, make sure you follow it religiously with the date when the task is expected to be completed. If you have someone done the task for you, it is better to pencil it too.
  • Always include checkboxes – This sounds trivia but it helps you a lot. First, you have to include the checkboxes to help you mark the task that has been done. Leave also some space so you can make some notes regarding the task.
  • Prepare Your Plan B – Some ways to make your plan cannot go in your favor. To prevent you from disappointment or hassle, you have to prepare for Plan B, C and so on. For example, you want to use a wedding hairstylist in A service, and then you don’t make the book soon, after that you find out their service is already fully booked. When the due date is near, this will be a disaster for you to find another wedding stylist. This is why Plan B is crucial. You cannot do some check on one wedding stylist service only, but you have to do as many as you can so you can decide which one that suits the time a lot. Furthermore, never procrastinate your work. You need to do it soon or you will be messed up.
  • Save Yourself From Trouble – If you are so busy that you don’t have time to buy a wedding dress, for example, you can make your own. This way will save you from the disaster. You can do this month before your wedding day comes. Make sure you stay healthy and shaped!

Wedding Day Photography Checklist

Wedding Day Checklist Sample Template

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