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There are times that you feel overwhelmed with the wedding preparation because there are so many things to do. You even feel confused about which task you should do first. It is indeed not easy to make everything done properly. This is the reason why the wedding checklist is needed. You can get this template from our page without paying a single penny.

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There are many template formats you can download for free. If you wish to edit the template, you can download the wedding checklist Excel and edit the detail as you like. Another template is also available for free and ready to print so you can save your time for another thing.

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Steps To Make The Wedding Checklist

Whether your wedding day is one year ahead, the best way to make a perfect day is by having a plan. The checklist is the part of your plan that you can use to track down all of the work you have done and haven’t done. This can help you remember the small details of your wedding day so you can save yourself from the disaster. Here are some simple guides on how to make your perfect checklist:

  • Discuss with your partner – The best thing you need to do is to discuss the event with your partner. This is the best way to match your concept with your partner so you can have the same ideas and expectations. Many couples end up overwhelmed because they are lack of communication.
  • Budgeting – This is one of the most important things to do before you start making preparation. First, use the wedding checklist PDF and check which items you need for your wedding day. After that, draw up a budget for the expenses. Having a checklist on your hand can be very beneficial for you because it will minimize the chance of missing out on the details. Besides, budgeting is crucial. Through a checklist, you will know the power of your budget so later you can expect how your wedding party looks like without draining your money.
  • Guest List – How many guests do you want to invite? The number of guests is also important because it relates to your venue and catering and also the whole wedding concept. By doing this, you can decide which venue to rent.
  • Check the best time for a wedding party – Because not all people are free on your wedding day, you have to find a day that is possible for everyone to attend your special party. This usually preferable to be on the weekend because it is likely everyone to attend your wedding day. Besides, you can make sure the wedding venue is still available or not.
  • List down helpers, friends, and talented family to contribute – Well, you cannot do this alone. You need some people to help you handle this. This is why you need to talk about it with your whole family. People cannot be free all the time to handle certain matters or business but when you have a team, this will be easier and even they might save you from the disaster.
  • Do More Research – This is not the last thing to do but this is the most important one. You have to do deep research about the suppliers and the servers whether they are available or not. Book their service and make sure they will be ready on your special day. Besides, days before the wedding, make sure you have discussed the concept and things you need.

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Wedding Checklist Template Sample

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