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Every couple wants to have a perfect wedding in their life. That makes sense because marriage is one of the most important moments in someone’s life. You certainly want to invite your big families and colleague to witness the best moment in your life. So, it is not surprising if you have to spend a lot of amount of money. A sample wedding budget will help you organize your wedding and financial too.

Sample Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

Why Should We Make A Sample Wedding budget?

Setting a sample wedding budget is a must when you decided to get married. If you are organized and prepare it in detail you will not face any financial issues after the wedding. Getting married is the day you have been waiting for, so it needs to be prepared carefully. Creating a sample wedding budget gives you some advantages such as tracking your expenditures, knowing how much money will spend, and your plans run smoothly and systematically.

Sample wedding budget with percentages

How To Stick On A Sample Wedding Budget?

It is possible to have a perfect wedding if you stick on a sample wedding budget. Managing finance is not an easy thing to do. In order to keep your wedding runs smoothly and have a healthy financial, you have to stick on your budget. These are some tips to stick on a sample wedding budget.

  • Choose What Type Of Wedding You Want To Have

It will be easier to set a wedding budget if you know the kind of wedding you want to have. You can make an estimated cost after deciding what kind of your wedding. If you want to have a fancy wedding you will spend a lot of money and prepare it really well.

Sample Wedding Budget Worksheet

  • Crunch Some Number Wedding Budget

You have to sit down together with your partner to decide how much money you will spend. It’s very important to make wise decisions because it will save you from some problems on another day. Some colleague you will be invited will affect your sample wedding budget as well.

Sample Wedding Budget Worksheet

  • Set Prioritize Wedding Budget

Three things you should prioritize when setting a sample wedding budget are money, time and energy. You can allocate your money properly by making top prioritize. Involve your partner when you make lists of prioritizes

Sample Wedding Budget XL Sheet

  • Re-evaluate, Estimate And Create Wedding Budget

You need to re-evaluate if your budget and your plans don’t match after doing your research. To work around this, you can change the overall look or the venue that fits your budget. You need to consider to cut off some unimportant things and more focus on major things.

Sample Wedding Checklist

Arranging a sample wedding budget sometimes can be stressful because it takes your time and energy. It is much better to sacrifice at the very first and make everything on the list in detail. If you’re too busy making a sample wedding budget by yourself, you can get the templates from the internet. You can also download it for free too. Those templates are very convenient because they are available in any format. You can choose and edit it as you desired because it is practical. In between your busy schedule, you still can create your a professional sample wedding budget.

Sample Wedding Worksheet


Sample Wedding Budget Template

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