Sample Volunteer Schedule Template And Tips How To Make A Better One

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Organizing volunteers’ schedules can be a daunting task. There are many things and activities you should remember besides the volunteers who are taking certain responsibilities. A volunteer schedule template, in this case, can help you create a better schedule more systematically.

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Furthermore, our templates are also designed for an individual volunteer who has different activities each day. So, it will be easier to join any activity without missing any single important event.

Tips How To Create Volunteer Schedule

If you are the person who has the responsibility to create the volunteer schedule, you can follow our tips below:

Create Communication with the Volunteers

Before you start making a schedule for volunteers, it is always important to communicate your schedule ideas with them. You should communicate what specific skills required and expected from the volunteers in certain activities. Therefore, they can pic the responsibility based on their capability. By doing this, all of the members in the organization including volunteers can have the same understanding and standards. Later, you will no have a misunderstanding.

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There is a great way to deliver the ideas you want them to do it. You can offer volunteer training to make sure that the organization you have fit with their vision or not.

Communicate Earlier

In case you need some help outside of the regularity, ask and discuss it earlier. Make sure you give them earlier notice so they can suit it with their schedule. At least, schedule volunteer recruitment three months before the event and also give them sufficient time for certain changes. For the day of, give at least a month’s notice so they can switch to another task they like. Otherwise, you will end up with an understaffed event.

Furthermore, frequent communication is a must. You can begin with a friendly email about the event and also keep reminding them about the important information during the events, but in a friendly way that you don’t look annoying.

Time Slot

Make sure your time slot is manageable so they have time to enjoy the event while still keeping up with the good work. Most volunteers join activities because they want to enjoy the event in different ways and of course, for free! But it is just some people. Overall, people become a volunteer because they love it.

Schedule Small Activities

At the end of the event, make sure you also schedule small activities such as clean-up, event set-up, serving food and so on.

Scheduling always becomes the most tiring task. We have to consider a lot of things, from the event and also the individual’s activity. Sometimes this task feels overwhelming. You can use our volunteer schedule templates to help you break down the activities better and to help you figure out which activities need you r concern the most. The templates are available with premium features such as giving you the ability to edit and customize the template. It is very easy!

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With the right template, you can make a schedule faster but in an effective way.