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Some people have difficulty in remembering certain important things which often leads them to feel overwhelming or anxious. To help them, we provide the visual schedule templates for free on this page. This contains a set of words, objects, and pictures. Furthermore, the templates are easy to use that you can fill with ease.

Practical Visual Schedule Guide

How Does A Visual Schedule Improve You?

If you have a family member who has problems remembering a schedule such as autism, then this is for you. Most people who are with autism have difficulties in remembering actions and sequences. Therefore, the best method to help them by using this template.

Checklist for Visual Schedule

How To Make A Visual Schedule

Besides downloading our templates, there are some steps you can follow if you want to make the best version of it, which are:

  • Break the activities into some steps. Most people who have difficulties in understanding sequences get a lot of help with this because this creates a pattern in their unconscious mind. After you have done this, represent all of the activities with words and pictures.
  • Focus on certain details, for example, the movements that the person does every single day. This is the best method to help him/her remember the entire events because they notice the movement.
  • List down any mental and physical activities including its break so the individual understands what to expect.
  • Determine the visual formats that match the individual’s skill. By approaching the format, it is expected that the individual has more interest and functionality throughout the whole day. The visual schedule mostly works well in making sure that the person will stick to it.
  • Make sure the person knows how the visual schedule will be used and mark the activities that have already been done. Then, also make sure the schedule you have made can explain well to the individual and can make a transition when using this schedule.
  • Remember to use simple phrases so it will not put them in difficulties when trying to figure out what to d next. For example, you put “check schedule” and then the individual will immediately look at the schedule and check what to do today.
  • Encourage the activity to always look at what to do in the early day and bring him to the location where the activity will do. This is a very important thing when you want to make sure they remember the sequences. Besides helping them by pictures, the places they usually do the activity can boost their memories about the schedule. Remember to bring the individual to the schedule after he/she has finished doing the task.
  • Once the individual has finished with the schedule then let him/she get the breaks until he/she meets another day and starts the activities again.

Visual Schedule Implementation Guide

For a person with special needs, we have to be very careful and patient to develop their habit. You can begin with our visual schedule templates because it has simpler and more interesting formats.