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Scheduling your activities is now more than a necessity. Even for your matters, because we have lots of things to do. Especially if you have experienced a divorce. Visiting your loved one will not be as easy as before. It can be more challenging for both ex-couples. Besides, the most daunting thing is the fact that you now can see the routines and also child custody is only given to a parent. Therefore, the visitation schedule template is the answer to manage your routines including meeting your loved ones.

Parenting Visitation

How Many Types of Visitation Schedule Template We Have?

We have tons of template types that you can download for free. on this page. This includes:

  • Alternating Weekend Schedule – This schedule is about the agreement between parents that they will take a turn on visiting their children. This alternating schedule is available in various formats. You can suit your needs.
  • Midweek Schedule – Midweek can be very convenient for parents to meet in the midweek. Some parents are so busy and they need to set the mess up to keep the life goes on. Hectic work is indeed very depressing. Therefore, midweek will be the best way for them to keep in touch with the children.
  • Extended Weekend Schedule – For some parents, a weekend is not enough. They prefer the extended schedule so they have more quality time with the loved ones. However, this is not easy to follow without proper commitment.


Creating this schedule might eat your time. Imagine with the busy schedule, you have to create it from scratch. Fortunately, our templates are designed very easy to use. Even you can edit it as you wish based on your need. It is completely easy and very quick so you can focus on another important thing. Just download the template and insert the details you should write down.

Holiday Visitation

Here are some types of visitation schedule templates you can download for free on this page:

  • If you are living in a long distance with the kid, you might need this out of state visitation schedule to make sure you have the visiting rights while staying feeling safe with the child custody. This template needs to include the personal schedule template so it suits the parent’s preference.
  • If you love the visitation during the holidays, you can use the holiday visitation template. This is the most ideal template for you who love spending quality time with the kids without feeling in a rush. It comes with specific details such as the number of hours in a year you could spend with the child’s custody.
  • Another template is the rotating parenting visitation template. This includes the agreement of rotation schedule which enough for you who wants to raise kids together. The schedule is more flexible compared with another one. Our schedule is available in various formats. It is free too!

So, with this best templates, download it soon and make your schedule to have a perfect life!