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When you are planning to hold an event, it is a must to think about where you want to hold it. This is about the venue. Why should be the venue? Because it determines the comfort of the audience and the speakers. Properly selecting the venue will save your face from the bad review. You have to make sure that this place has complete facilities and can provide enough space for the participants. In this case, this is normal if you try to research which venue will suit your needs. To help you make a good decision, you can use the venue checklist. This will help you decide which one has the best facilities for your events.

Sample Venue Resource Checklist

On this page, we provide the best templates with various designs that you can use for many activities. We have the venue checklist for a wedding that comes with the complete details. Our wedding venue checklist Excel enables you to edit and add your details or remove one of them that is no longer important for your case.

Venue Inspection Checklist

What To Consider When Creating A Venue Checklist

Because there are many types of activities you want to hold, we try to give you general tips about what to include in your checklist, which is the following:

  • The number of guests – First, before you start looking for venues and do research, you have to decide how many participants you want to invite. Make sure before you rent a venue, you have their confirmation so you can make sure about the exact number that might attend your event. This will ease the event organizer whether you need a small or a big venue.
  • Know your budget – Another important thing to understand is the budget you provide. With a certain number of people, you need to make sure whether the budget is sufficient or not.
  • Consider the activities that will be done in the venue – You need to consider about the rundown of the event. Will the event only be about listening to the speaker? Will the event require the participant to do a certain move? You need to think about the possible damage. Therefore, before you decide on which venue you want to use, make sure you already have the concept and other details such as what kind of activity the participant will do in the event.
  • Consider the time – Remember that not all venue is possible to rent. Not all venues will be ready the whole time. There are times you have to book it soon before another party uses it. Think about the occasion during the event. Will it be a big holiday? Will it be a busy day that everyone will rent someplace to hold a party? The best thing to do is to know it before renting!

Venue Requirement Checklist

Location and The Policies Of The Venue

Besides considering the aspects above, make sure you also have considered other important things such as the location and the policies. Some areas are not reachable by the audiences and you have to think about it whether it is easy to be reached using public transportation or not. Consider this carefully! Besides, understand the venue policies. Some service provider policies such as the maximum time you are allowed to use the venue, the charge due to damage, payment method and many more. Ask it to the provider and make sure you put this matter on the venue checklist so you will not miss it out.

Wedding Venue Checklist Template

Venue Checklist Template Sample

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