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Today people want to live flexibly and reach another place easily. Therefore, they buy vehicles to help them transport themselves and their stuff easily. Even, in some areas, using a private vehicle is so much easier and less hassle. However, owning a vehicle can be very tricky too. You hazard because once your vehicle is broken, you have a big expense. To help you maintain your private transportation, you can download the vehicle checklist template for free.

Daily Vehicle Checklist Template

We have the vehicle condition checklist to help you properly inspect the vehicle. By using the checklist, you will know which part of the vehicle that you have to fix soon. No matter how you will use your vehicle, you have to make sure it brings safety to yourself during the road trip.

Fleet Vehicle Checklist Template

The use of this vehicle checklist is not limited to the maintenance, but it can be used to check some vehicles you want to buy. You need to make sure everything is working properly. You might also want to check another checklist template for another use. All of them are available for free on this page.

New Vehicle Checklist Template

Things To Include In The Vehicle Checklist Template

Some aspects can help you inspect your vehicle. At least our template brings the following details:

  • Battery level and operation
  • Headlights
  • The starter and ignition
  • The windshield wipers of the car
  • The air condition and also the cooling items of the vehicle to keep you staying cool during the long trip
  • The suspension system
  • The fuel left
  • Turn signals
  • The tools you should have when you face the problem on the road
  • The side mirrors and other important mirrors
  • The tires
  • Car’s emergency break
  • The engine of the vehicle
  • The steering wheel
  • The engine oil
  • Etc

Vehicle Cleaning Checklist Template

Everything that is written in the checklist should be considered for the sake of your safety. By doing this check, you can make sure that your vehicle is in good condition. Whether you want to use the car for a specific period, you have to understand what is going on in your engine and another car part. Make sure that each important is working properly.

Vehicle Safety Checklist Template

Talking about the checklist, we have the blank checklist and also daily checklist to help you have regular maintenance so it will not cost you a lot in the future.  Having a vehicle checklist template is more than important. You can consider the following reason if you are not so sure:

  • The vehicle checklist helps you to assure that all of the vehicle’s parts are safe to be operated. Safety and security are crucial for the passenger which should be the priority of a driver owner.
  • By doing this, you can do everything required quickly when you find out your car is having a problem. Some contents on the checklist are designed for a cleaning schedule. You might think that cleaning the car is just to wash it in the car wash, but it is the whole component. After some time, you might need to clean some parts of the vehicle such as the engine, the air conditioner, etc.

Weekly Vehicle Inspection Checklist Template

Having a checklist helps you figure out when your engine needs to be replaced. Some people are not pretty aware of it which can cause terrible accidents. But when you do a regular inspection, such things can be minimized.

Company Vehicle Checklist