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When two parties that represent the business entity, then the agreement will appear as a result. This comes in a different form which depends on both concessions. One of the basic agreement forms is the non-compete agreement. This is drafted by one of the party asking the partner to stay on the same side and will not compete. This also can be about the basic rental agreement form between the landlords and the tenants about the terms and conditions during the rental period. There are many types of basic agreements templates you can download from this page. All of them are easy to use.

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What Are the Types of Agreements?

There are two types of agreement between two parties which are:

  • Verbal form – This agreement is usually applied among parties that are closed to each other such as family and relatives. There is no valid form in this agreement except both of them agree with what they decided. This is the simplest agreement which needs the concession between both of them.
  • Written Form – This agreement is written formally that bind both parties legally. This results in both of them to do their responsibilities and get their rights respectively.

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Kinds Of Basic Agreement Forms

Besides the lease agreement forms and basic rent agreement forms, in a business with the bigger capacity, there are several agreements that you might need to know:

  • Client related agreement – This agreement is arranged by the association of the client’s business entities. This is generally used for service, purchase and other business deals.
  • Consultant related agreements – Many businesses should deal with complicated issues that require them to consult with the expertise. This basic agreement template is perfect for this condition which also includes the arbitration agreement templates.
  • Continual service agreement – This document is purposed to a business contract that is working continuously. For example, the continues to deal between a client and a supplier for purchasing a specific product.

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What Are The Types of Basic Agreement Templates We Have?

There are various agreement formats these days which makes you get confused about which one to choose from. The following are some of the basic agreement templates you might like:

  • Contract agreement template – This template is usually used for an employment contract
  • Legal agreement template – There are some legal services provided for business entities. This agreement is suitable for this circumstance.
  • Payment agreement template – This template is designed for payments of loan whether this is for personal use or business.
  • Lease agreement template – The agreement states the obligation and rights of lessor and lessee.
  • Tenancy agreement template – The agreement is designed for the tenant and landlord about how payment will be made and other terms and conditions.
  • Financial agreement template – This agreement is used in the financial agreement related with the financial obligation of the individuals.
  • Work agreement template – If you are hiring a new employee, then this agreement is needed to ender the working hours and other general details of the company to the candidate.

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Types Basic Agreement Sample Templates

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