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Packing up for traveling can be overwhelming. You have limited space and you have to be as effective as you can. However, there is always something you are afraid to miss out on. Yes, you probably forget about your important things. This is why you need the travel packing list international.

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On this page, you can find the travel packing list printable can be found for free. You can also edit the template by using another format.  But if you want to create your travel packing list, make sure you follow the tips we provided below:

Create A To-Do-List

Before starting making a checklist, you have to know what you will do during the trip. Are you going to visit some beaches? Festival? Are you going to a place that can trigger your allergies? You have to make sure that you gather all of this information so you will not make a wrong list.

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Your checklist also includes other arrangements including plant and pet care, taking care of your house, notifying your friend and family that you are on a holiday and many more.

Travel Packing List Template 3

Documents You Have To Bring Travel Packing List

The next thing to do is by listing all of the documents you have to bring. This includes passport, personal ID, tickets, debit cards, booking slips, credit cards, foreign currency, health prescription, insurance cards, and others. You might also want to bring another important document such as batteries, I pod, camera, laptop, and chargers.

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Clothing and Accessories Travel Packing Checklist

The next thing you should put in your checklist is the clothing and accessories checklist. Understand the geography condition in the destination and make sure your outfit will not put you in trouble. Bring the essential stuff to wear such as jeans, t-shirts, jackets, underwear, shirts, scarfs and many more. Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes only during the trip and bring sandals with you too.

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Medicines and Toiletries

Not all places, especially in other countries provide excellent toiletries and medicines. Before you leave, check your medicines if there is any. You might want to buy pain killers, antibiotics, medicine for cold, headache and upset tummy too. If you have specific medication, bring the prescription with you just in case you need it in the place you are visiting. Besides, include all the personal grooming stuff and hygiene tool.

Travel Packing List Template 6

Check Your Work

The next thing to include in your travel packing list is your deadlines. If you are a person who is always in a working and vacation situation, this checklist will be beneficial for you. You can set a list of priorities on which deadlines you have to finish first. By doing this, you will not mess up your work. You still can have a nice holiday and get paid at the same time.

Travel Packing List Template 1

Next, you can download the travel packing list on this page. You can insert all of your checklists and then track all of the items you want to bring. Our templates are all editable, you can make your list easily.