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A vacation is a very pleasant thing to refresh your mind from a busy work schedule. Arranging all your itineraries is indeed cheaper but quite troublesome. As a solution, you can use the services of a travel agent if you want to take a vacation so it is more practical. The travel agent will make a travel agency agreement to satisfy customer service.

Simple Travel Agency Agreement Template

The Travel Agency Agreement Definition

It is a document created to regulate cooperation between a tour operator company and a travel agency so that it can legally operate the business on its behalf. Rights that can be obtained by agencies from companies including the right to use advertisements and promotional materials. Every month, the agency is regularly required to provide updates on sales and orders. The travel agency agreement will expedite the cooperation that you do.

Standard Travel Agency Agreement

What Kinds Of Agreements Are Important In The Travel Business?

Corporate Travel Agreement

Travel companies must have a corporate travel agreement because this is a very important foundation. The contents of the corporate travel agreement are about the types of services needed by the company and the price of the services offered. Also, the agreement contains the duration of the agreement, the number of trips the company must take care of and other aspects that must be taken care of on a business trip. This agreement also details all the things needed by the company in its business travel such as itinerary, ticket reservations, vehicle reservations, hotels, passports, visas, and many others.

Travel Agency Agreement Format

Insurance Service Provider Agreement

Travel companies also need to make an Insurance Service Provider agrees to provide guarantees on business trips as well as any limits that will be borne by the travel company in the event of loss due to unexpected things. Insurance guarantees that can be obtained include medical assistance, medical payments, lost document assistance, emergency personal cash loan assistance, and others.

Travel Agency Agreement Sample

Why Make An Agreement?

Agreements are made to protect the rights and obligations of each person involved in the agreement. The travel agency agreement will contain the terms and conditions that must be obeyed so that it will increase mutual trust towards business partners. Besides, the agreement will be strong legal protection in the event of a dispute.

Basic Travel Agency Agreement Template

Tips In Creating A Travel Agency Agreement Template

Before making a travel agency agreement some important things must be included. First, include the names of the two parties involved in the agreement. Second, determine the contents of the agreement to be more specific so that they know each other’s rights and obligations. Third, explain the terms and conditions listed in the agreement such as ordering and payment. Fourth, clarify the cancellation fees and liabilities so that the company is not harmed. Finally, the validity period of the agreement must be included in the agreement template so that both parties know when the agreement ends.

Elegant Travel Agreement Template

Now you can download the appointment template for free on the internet. These templates come with many format options. Another advantage is that it can be edited so that you can make a professional travel agency agreement.

Travel Agency Agreement Template Sample

Printable Travel Agency AgreementProfessional Travel Agency Agreement