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Hiring new employees can be a daunting task that you have to train them to adapt to the work culture. A training program schedule template will help you systematically set a training schedule. Download this template here without registration or pay some dollars to enjoy or premium templates.

Training Plan Schedule

What Is A Training Program?

In a company, a training program is run by the HRD. They will make sure the new employees get the best training and prepare it efficiently.

Their function is very crucial in the company. Besides dealing with hiring stuff, they also set the training schedule and implement the material so the employees can understand the company’s work ethic and cultures.

Furthermore, a company training program is purposed to:

  • Let the employees the company’s working thing, procedures related to their functions in the company.
  • Provide employees some refreshments about items need to be aware of.
  • Provide annual training whether it is quarterly or annually to update the policies and make sure everyone is working properly.

Training Program Schedule Format

By setting a proper schedule for training, this allows all the information to stay in the employees’ minds for a long time. In this case, our template provides you some details that will help you make a better schedule version, such as:

  • The time of training program
  • Training program description and its purpose why they should undergo certain programs made the company.
  • The training program that will be implemented is quality assurance, emergency processes, safety and also operation procedures.
  • Items needed by the employee for certain programs.

What Makes The Training Program Schedule Is Important?

A training schedule is very important because of the following reasons:

  • The schedule allows you to implement all the programs you have planned.
  • It helps the employees who attend the program to be aware of the material in the training program.
  • This enables you to place a specific duration for specific activities so the training program will be moe effective.
  • It ensures the training program is prepared well as well as the program and things needed to run it smoothly.
  • It raises awareness of the people who get involved in this program about the field needed.

Employee Training Program Schedule

Indeed, creating an effective company training program is not easy. There are some tips you can follow to make it work out.

  • Identify The Goals – Behind the training program, there is always an outcome you want to reach. State it in your plan on how you will reach the goals.
  • Develop The Materials – To reach your goals, you have to develop the resources, material, media and so on that support the training program. You can develop curriculums to keep engaging with the employees.
  • Establish Consistent Schedule – First, you have to create a consistent schedule to lessen the burden.
  • Let The Employees Get Involved – Give your employees an opportunity by asking them about the topic and concept for a better training program.