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Knowing exactly what should be done and what should not be done during the process of employees termination is crucial when you are an employer of a corporation. Although this may not be an easy task to carry on and mostly take much time and effort, employing a particular tool will be such a great help. By having a termination checklist in your hands, your job of terminating your employees will no longer be a big issue. You will manage to get through all the obstacles while laying off your employees. This article will specifically provide an example of termination checklist for employers that allows you to understand what steps should be taken during the process of employee termination such as in the pre-termination meeting. It will ensure you to avoid a wrongful termination and organize the activity successfully.

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Request The Human Resources Team Or Employee’s Supervisor To Be The Part Of The Meeting

The first and most essential step listed in the termination checklist is asking those from the human resources team or the employee’s supervisor to attend the meeting. These people will be helpful companions for you as they will be able to justify your claims on why your employees need to be terminated as soon as possible. They will more likely provide some authentic proof such as the continuous poor performances of your employees.

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Supply Your Employees With Necessary Resources That Will Assist Them During Their Transition

The second most crucial step covered in the termination checklist is providing your employees with links to the career center resources. By telling the employees that you are willing to inscribe a reference letter for them, you will give them chances to apply jobs to other corporations.

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Prepare A Script As A Guide During The Termination Meeting

Utilizing a script as a guide on what you are going to discuss with your employees is also essential and needs to be mentioned in the termination checklist. There will always be a high chance of forgetting the things you are supposed to say to your employees. By owning this script with you and practicing everything you ought to say, you will be able to prevent this issue from happening and make the meeting runs smoothly.

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Prepare To Address Some Questions And Any Emotional Reactions That May Come

Another essential step covered in the termination checklist is preparing yourself with any potential reactions coming from your employees about their termination. It will certainly not be an easy job since your employees who are going to be terminated will not be pleased by the notification. Try to think about all of the basic possible questions that can be asked by your employees during the meeting as well as the answers that you have to provide them.

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Hopefully, the example of checklist template above can give you inspiration on what to prepare while you are dealing with the process of terminating your employees. Since this checklist is editable, including more specific steps in your termination checklist will always be acceptable to help you in dealing with any kind of situation that may occur. You can also search for more wrongful termination checklist templates for other references.

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Sample Termination Checklist Template

Termination Checklist PDF Format TemplateDOC Format of Employment Termination Checklist TemplateEmployee Termination Checklist DOC FormatEmployee Termination Checklist DOC Format Template