11+ Tenant Lease Agreement Sample Templates for Leasing New Office 

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You might be familiar with a rental agreement, right? You usually use this contract to rent any property, real estate, vehicles, and other equipment materials. How about tenant lease agreement templates? You can use this contract to manage the seamless transaction of a property exchange between business partners. What are the differences between them?

Model Residential Lease Agreement

Tenant Lease Contract VS Rental Contract

Basically, the tenant lease contract has purposive terms and conditions that might be quite different from the rental agreement. The tenant lease contract has clauses that allow another business partner to use and control the property for a particular time. On the other side, the rental agreement only manages the amount of cost that the lease has to pay to the landlord for the property’s use. Can you figure out the difference, so far?

Printable Tenant Lease Agreement

The tenant lease agreement templates also have some similarities in terms of the contract’s format with the rental contract. Here are some contents that you can found in the tenant lease contract, including:

  • Name of Tenants

You can find this space in every agreement because it contains the most crucial information of the person. You have to write their full names (first, middle, and family name). You can give them time to check their own name or spell it to avoid confusion.

Rental Tenant Agreement

  • Occupancy’s limit

This part tells how long the tenants can rent the property (a real estate or an office). Give the border or the exact date to them.

Residential Property Lease Agreement

  • Tenancy’s terms

The tenant lease agreement templates usually have this part of defining all the conditions and terms related to leasehold arrangements.

Sample Tenant Lease Agreement

  • Rent

This part of the tenant lease agreement template tells the detailed information of the rent itself, for example, the complete real estate, the address of real estate, and other matters.

Standard Tenant Lease Agreement 1

  • Security deposit

This part helps in managing the property’s specified deposit. You have to state the amount of deposit that the tenant has to pay.

Standard Lease Agreement

  • Repair and Maintenance Costs

Another important part of the tenant lease agreement templates is the maintenance terms. All real estate needs maintenance to safeguard the property and the people inside. You have to state the amount of repair and maintenance costs and the institutions related.

Summer Lease Agreement

  • Terms of Tenant Illegal Activity

We clearly don’t want anyone to do things legally related to the real estate or the property, right? There are some restrictions or terms of illegal tenant activities that you have to give more attention to it.

Tenant Lease Agreement Example

  • The rule of keeping pets in the property

Give detailed information on provisions of the property in the tenants lease agreements templates, including the right of keeping any pets in it.

Add or Remove Tenants to Lease Agreement

Those are some information that you need to know before writing the tenant lease contract. This contract is essential to manage all the conditions and terms of leasing property between you and your business partners legally. Knowing the importance of writing the contract properly, how about starting it by getting your tenant lease agreement templates in order to help you professionally draft the contract.

Illinois Residential Lease Agreement