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What Is A Sublease Agreement?

A sublease agreement is a contract between tenants. One person is renting a space from the landlord, and then he/she put it on rent to another tenant. The person who is renting the property through the tenant is called sub-tenant. Then the sublessee will get rights, responsibilities under the terms and conditions. If you are looking for an agreement that is discussing this case, you can download the sublease agreement template on this page for free.

Commercial Sublease Agreement Template

Landlord Approval Sublease Agreement

The sublessor is not allowed to rent the property unless he/she gets the landlord approval. It needs to be stated in terms of the agreement. If the landlord doesn’t mention the subleasing is prohibited, then it is generally allowed. However, it also doesn’t specify that the landlord is allowing the tenant to do this.

Airport Sublease Agreement Template

To fix this, a tenant needs to contact the landlord and get the written permission. You can suggest your landlord use the room for rent agreement template to ease you drafting the contract. Otherwise, the landlord will be easier to do an action against you.

Equipment Sublease Agreement Template

If you don’t draft this agreement, a landlord will not know there is a third party in their property. It is easier for them to take legal action to remove it. However, many big cities obligate a landlord to accept sublease thing, but each city and state has different terms. Therefore, contact your attorney and landlord to discuss this matter.

General Sublease Agreement Template

Rent Responsibilities Sublease Agreement

Because it is a sublease agreement, the subtenant should deliver the payment to the original tenant, who is known as the sublessor. In this case, the original has the whole responsibilities under the landlord about the amount and other maintenance regarding the property. Even, the sublessor is the one who is responsible for the damage caused by the subtenant. Therefore, a substantial agreement between sublessor and subtenant is crucial. Thus, the subtenant has no responsibilities to the original lease, and this is more like a private arrangement between subtenant and sublandlord.

Landlord Sublease Agreement Template

Assignable rights Sublease Agreement

Another thing to remember when drafting this agreement is the original tenant has no rights entirely to the subtenant. For example, the tenant here is putting the room for rent, but the subtenant cannot give the same reason as the original lease. The subtenant will likely get lesser rights.

Standard Sublease Agreement Template

The bottom line Sublease Agreement

In big cities, sublease business is a common thing that some people love renting a space for the short term. In this case, the subtenant is more suited as the price sometimes is negotiable. However, some downsides should be paying attention to. Because the landlord will have no business with the third party, responsibilities and rights should be discussed carefully between subtenant and sublessor.

Sublease Termination Agreement Template

Our sublease agreement template is designed professionally with essential items that you might forget if you draft it from scratch. The format is simple and easy to learn. Discuss this with your landlord how the technical things should be implemented.

Apartment Sublease Agreement Template