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The examination can be very frustrating that you have so many materials to learn. You cannot do this in one night studying. However, with lost of information to remember, you can do it when you start making a schedule so you will not miss out on any material. You can use our study schedule template to help you make a decent schedule and break down all of your big projects and materials into small steps.

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What Does A Study Schedule Template Mean?

This is a template designed to help you make the study schedule with purposes, goals, times, materials, date and other details. You can use this template for preparing subjects for students in schools or universities.

How Do You Make The Study Schedule?

Making a schedule is relatively easy as long as you know which one to prioritize. Some people have already made some good schedule (visually), but they fail following it. Besides downloading our study schedule template, you can follow our tips below:

Separate Your Schedule In Different Time

Some students prefer studying all at once. It is like studying 5 hours straight or 8 hours straight without some rest. But this is only effective for people who have long concentration. This is lucky for them to have such ability.

But for people who are difficult to concentrate and just love the multitasking thing (even though he multitasking is bad), you can break it down into some section.

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So, for example, you have some difficult subjects. Learning difficult subjects will be better if you do it in the morning because your brain is still fresh. Later, you can do the remaining subjects that you think easier.

Or if you are someone who cannot have a long focus, you can do the “Pomodoro” technique which you focus on 25 minutes straight and then rest for 5 minutes. Do this method until you finish your study. However, it depends on your preference. Some people work 4 hours nonstop and then take 1 hour for rest.

Know Your Routines

Studying is a boring thing. You need to understand your golden time. Some people find their brains work better when they study in the midnight. Some others find it great during the midday. So, rather than forcing yourself to study, it is better if you learn your routines especially your body.

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You can align your golden time with your daily routines. Instead of forcing your brain to concentrate, do something that pleases and makes you relieved after doing that so it will not bother your mind.

Make Sure You Get A Good Sleep

Sleep matters the most to keep you concentrated. Some people don’t have good sleep so during their study they end up not concentrating and not productive. Make sure you have a very good sleep. It doesn’t have to be 7-8 hours but listen to your body how much sleep do you need. When you think you are tired, then you should rest and sleep. This is a signal from your body that you need to rest so you can perform better.