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Knowing exactly what to prepare before studying abroad is crucial for you as a student. You need to research for which area of study and the necessary items right before you apply. Preparing these essential items will mostly take much time and effort, so using a particular method or tool will be useful. Thankfully, by having a study checklist in your hands, your job of getting things ready for studying abroad will no longer be a big issue. It will allow you to make things ready and be more prepared with the overseas study you are going to undertake.

Market Study Checklist Template

In this article, you will be provided an example of checklist for study abroad that allows you to look closely at some of the details needed for studying overseas. It will ensure you focus on the items that need to be prioritized and miss nothing important for your study.

Explore The Study Program Options

The first and most important thing listed in the study checklist is exploring the kind of study program in which you are about to apply. You must do this at least a year prior to your departure. Do some research on the location, courses, as well as the cost of your ideal study program. Asking some questions to advisors is also suggestible.

Research Study Checklist Template

Apply To The Study Program You Desire

Having explored all the information for your ideal study program, the next step mentioned in the study checklist is applying to it. You can include the requested transcript and your statement of purpose, get your courses pre-approved and arrange for any scholarship available.

Study Abroad Checklist Template

Register For A Passport

The next step covered in the study checklist is registering for a new passport. If you already have a passport, renew it and check the visa requirements. Once you are done, you can start making your flight arrangement afterward.

Case Study Checklist Template

Prepare For Your Departure

The next essential point listed in the study checklist is preparing for your departure. This can be done by attending a pre-departure orientation, making a packing list, getting medical insurance, making personal possession insurance, creating a credit and debit card if you still do not own them, learning some cultural transition adjustments, acquiring authorization from your physician for any medication prescriptions you will be taking abroad and any relevant health conditions.

Daily Self Study Checklist Template

Check Your Documents Study Checklist

The last and final point covered in the checklist is making sure that you have all the required documents with you before leaving the country. Before the day of your departure, you can make several copies of your important documents, tickets, and travel passes. Other important points that should be noted can include making sure that you have understood your airline luggage and carry-on restrictions, re-confirm your airline and arrival transportation arrangements and survey the local weather of your host city to make sure you have dressed appropriately for the weather.

Feasibility Study Checklist Template

Having given the study abroad checklist template above, it is hoped that you can get the idea of what steps you should carry out while preparing for an overseas study. Since this checklist is editable, you can customize it to support certain situations that may occur.