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Becoming an educator will require you to handle a lot of complex tasks. One of the biggest obstacles that you as an educator may experience is understanding your students’ behavior. As this duty is intended to bring out the best of students but demands a lot of difficult process, there will be a high chance of you being stressed out over this matter. However, by employing a student checklist, your work will be done easier and more effectively.

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Although there are lots of checklist examples that you can use to assist you in comprehending your students’ behavior, you can still make one for yourself. In this article, you will be provided an example of student behavior checklist to help you get to know the behavior of your students more effectively.

Examine Your Students’ Positive Behaviors

The first and most essential thing listed in the student checklist is examining the positive behaviors possessed by your students. You need to consider whether they own several of these behaviors such as exceptional work ethic, excellent manner, becoming class leader, being a class helper, being a positive role model, excellent in academic, manifest great concern for the school, or whether they take part in some school activities.

Evaluate Their Hyper activeness Student Checklist

Evaluating if your students have hyperactive behaviors is another important point. You can inspect whether they are often out of seats, make constant movement at their desks, have some difficulties in focusing on materials, own negative verbal behaviors, have some muscle twitches, perform much eye blinking, or do some nail-biting.

Analyze If Your Students Are Withdrawn

Another point mentioned in the student checklist is analyzing the possibility of your students being withdrawn. It usually includes whether they are tired, listless, seem unhappy, stare into space, rarely ask for help, do not try to do some work, often cry without any provocation, rarely complete the tasks given, often daydream, or get distracted so easily.

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Inspect If They Have Aggressive Behaviors

The student checklist usually suggests you to assess your students’ aggressive or disruptive behaviors. You can examine if they attack other students by hitting or pushing them, verbally attack other students, steal, being explosive or angry when things do not go his/her way, often argue with teachers, being destructive of other students’ belongings, being destructive of school property, often demand attention from their teacher or friends, do not follow the class and school rules, interrupt lessons to get attention, or blame others for their own mistakes.

Learn If They Have Some Inappropriate Behaviors

Another crucial point covered in the student checklist is learning whether they own some inappropriate behaviors. You ought to consider if they have no friends, do not have the initiation to play or talk with peers, are avoided by their friends, do not take part in group or class discussions, torture younger or smaller students, curse, mean to others, disrespectful and interrupt the teacher, or never follow directions.


Having given the student observation checklist above, it is hoped that you can get the idea of what student’s behavior that needs to be assessed. By doing this, you can examine the best way to nurture your students. You can also consider adding other points that you think will support you in assessing your students’ behavior.