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Let’s take one example. You are working in a customer service department of the grocery store. And then a customer is complaining about the need to return the product. The grocery store that you are working with must have the standard operating procedures to handle this situation.

The Standard Operating Procedure Manual Definition

The standard operating procedure manual is a written procedure of step-by-step instructions on how to perform certain routines and how to handles a certain situation. The purpose of standard operating procedures is to keep consistency and maintain safety among employees and customers. This also purposes to create an efficient working environment and routines.

Sample Template BSL SOP

Many departments require standard operating procedures, such as production/operations, sales, customer services, legal, financial, and employee training. A good SOP should not be difficult to understand. This should be easy to read and implemented with simple steps and concerns on the safety of the employees.

Then, when should your employees be familiar with it? You can introduce this procedure for the employee’s training. Besides, you also need to update the procedures each year based on your current evaluation and changes throughout the year.

Standard Operating Procedures Advantages

Many people get no idea why the standard operating procedures are crucial. Well, when you take an analogy, even a doctor should follow the SOP before performing a procedure to the patient to make sure everything is well measured and done properly. In another business sector, there are some purposes and benefits that you should know:

  • It saves time and also money – When your employees perform the same task differently, it will be difficult to make sure that everything is done properly. Besides, it will eat more time and consume more money because you don’t have the standard.
  • It gives consistency – When it comes to a business, the consistency of the product is crucial. This is why you need to provide a standard procedure so the quality of the product will be the same.
  • It improves communication – A company with a good SOP can enhance employee communication because the job is easier as they don’t have to guess how to perform the task. When the standard operating procedure is implemented, it saves time a lot and the employees don’t have to think out loud figuring out what to do. Besides, when they have a problem during the action, it is easier for them to communicate the problem.
  • It is easier to evaluate the employee’s performance – The SOP will make the supervisor easier to monitor the employee’s performance whether they do the work correctly or not. With the SOP, such thing will be more a personal opinion which sounds unfair in the employees’ perspective.
  • The work environment is safer – With a good SOP, you can make sure your employees work properly and they can avoid certain damages that can damage their lives and the business.

Sample Template SOP

If you haven’t created your standard operating procedures, you might want to check the templates we provide for free on this page!