6+ Sample Standard Lease Agreement Templates That You Can Use For Any Kind Of Lease Agreement

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The standard lease agreement is the most important thin to have a successful a leasing business. if you don’t pu this at the first place, there is nothing to blame except yourself. The standard lease agreement helps you outline the terms and conditions with your clients which later can be your guidance when facing some obstacles. Therefore, why don’t you download the template?

Standard Residential Lease Agreement 1

On this page we provide you the standad lease agreement PDF that you can download for free. The templates in variouse type of lease agreement whether it is the standard lease agreement residential or commercial. It oulines the most important terms so you don’t have to make it from the scratch. You just need to add details you think needed to be added. It is very easy to do it.

Standard Roommate Lease Agreement

People Who Need To Use Standard Lease Agreements

The lease agreement templates can vary which most people who are running this business needs it. If you are a property owner who wants to put the property on a rent, the standard templates suit best for you. Even this can be modified based on your need whether it is for commercial lease or residential lease.

Standard Tenant Lease Agreement

The reason why you need this agreement is to record the deal and also to give clear rules so the tenants can expect and do the responsibilities. Besides, it is a vital record which can be used as the evidence when the parties are  in disputes. Due to this reasons, an agreement should be made clearly and needs to use a practical language that will not cause ambiguity between both parties.

Standard Vehicle Lease Agreement Template

Usually, the standard lease agreement is made by one side, which here is the landlord. Later the tenant can negotiate the terms and conditions and make some revisons if it is needed.

Standard Equipment Lease Agreement

Some Popular Lease Agreement Templates That You Might Need

There are some popular lease agreement templates that you can download, such as:

  • Commercial lease agreement – This template is for a landlord who is putting the property on the commercial lease. This is usually for the high-rise office or places for smaller businesses.
  • Month to Month Lease Agreement – This is another common thing in the lease business that the tenants and landlords have agreed to use the month-to-month lease agreement. This is well-known as the most flexible lease agreement especially if the place is around tourism place. The price might be higher or lower sometimes so it is beneficial for the landlord to change the policies. For the tenants, it is benefcial too when they always want to move to another place. In short this is beneficial for them who are looking for the short term lease .
  • Roommate agreement – This is an agreement designed for the roommate. Such contract is common between people who are staying under the same roof. This document will help them set the clear boundaries and respect each other, especially when they want to maintain the relationship.
  • Residential lease agreement – This is different with the commercial lease contract that the property is only used for commecial activity. Therefore, the tenants are not allowed to use it as the residential agreement.

Standard Rental Lease Agreement