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Some professions have a responsibility to keep the information or something else private about their partners. For example, lawyers and clients must maintain the confidentiality of their clients even though they are no longer collaborating. For this confidentiality is maintained, it is necessary to make a staff confidentiality agreement. This agreement has clear legal legality.

Staff Confidentiality Agreement Example

Staff Confidentiality Agreement Definition

This agreement is a legal document used to maintain the confidentiality of information of both parties to it is not known by third parties. If one party leaks confidential information in the agreement, the injured party can sue him legally. In other words, this agreement can be used as protection for each party involved in cooperation.

Staff Confidentiality Agreement Format

Why Need To Make This Agreement?

This agreement needs to be made so both parties can know and carry out their respective obligations which have been listed in the staff confidentiality agreement. The existence of this agreement will increase mutual trust between the two parties. They will think twice about leaking confidential party information when they can be prosecuted.

Staff Confidentiality Agreement Sample

What Are The Consequences Of Breaching The Agreement?

The following are the consequences that will be faced if someone violates the staff confidentiality agreement.

Work Termination

If you are proven to violate the agreement to provide confidential information to the other party, the company will terminate the employment relationship with you. You will also be prosecuted for your actions.

Staff Confidentiality Agreement Template


At the beginning of the agreement, of course, you already understand your responsibilities and obligations before you sign the deal. Your signature in the staff confidentiality agreement indicates that you agree that the document has legal force. You could be jailed for your carelessness to leak information to other parties.

Confidentiality agreement contract sample

Paying Fine

Another thing that will be faced from violating the agreement is having to pay a fine. This payment is an effort to compensate for spreading confidential information. Other than that, the number of fines and imprisonment is intended to make them regret their actions.

Confidentiality Agreement for Trainee Staff

Hard To Find A Job

The worst-case might face challenging to get a job, especially if you have done quite fatal. Your name can be in the news media that report the violations that you committed. The spread of bad news to you will make the company distrust your performance. Thus, you will have difficulty finding a new job.

Confidentiality Agreement for Volunteers and Employees

How  Create A Confidentiality Agreement

To make this agreement, of course, you have to pay attention to several things. The agreement must be made based on the understanding of both parties involved in the cooperation. To reach a deal, it is necessary to negotiate. During the negotiation process, you can convey what needs to be included in the agreement. The contents of the agreement include the terms and conditions, obligations, responsibilities and consequences in the event of a violation. After all of this has been agreed to, all parties must sign a staff confidentiality agreement.

Confidentiality Agreement in a Company

With all the ease of technology, you don’t need to bother making an agreement template because the employee confidentiality agreement sample can be downloaded for free from the internet. These templates have many advantages, including coming in various formats, can be edited and look professional.

Sample Staff Confidentiality Agreement Template

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