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Have you heard about the source code contract? This agreement is quite important if your company wants to sell the business’s rights of any software to other business partners for promotional and marketing purposes. The source code agreement is useful for managing the conditions and terms that happened between the licensee and the licensor in using the company’s software. Do you want to know more about the source code contract? Please read the short description below!

Source Code Licence Agreement

Writing a Profesional Source Code Contract

Write Detailed Definitions Source Code

The first thing you need to do is define and explain all business terms in the agreement. The source code agreement has various legal and valid terms that have different definitions. You can find standard descriptions such as End Users, Licensed Products, Derivative Products, Licensee Fee, Software, and other matters. You have to explain them as clear as possible for both business partners to make them understand and avoid any misunderstandings related to the business in the future.

Grant of Business’ Rights

You can find an essential section in the source code license agreement. It’s called Grant of Rights. This section usually consists of an explanation disclaimer form the licensor which grants the business rights of the software to the licensee. This part also gives the precise date of the grants of rights. This part has a crucial explanation that talks about documentation and software itself, which is to be given to the licensee. This section also offers specific responsibilities for each business partner.

Business’ Modification

You and your business partner can add the business’s modification in the source code agreement that usually made by the business’ licensor. This section typically provides the information about error corrections and updates by the business licensor in the contract. If the software has an updated version or documentation which reflects on any software’s errors and software bug fixes, these terms have to be explained in the contract with detailed information about enhancements and features.

Sample Source Code License Agreement

Detailed License Fees

Another relevant section in the source code agreement is licensee fees. It would help if you had a separate section in the deal for business’ royalties and licensee fees. This part of the contract usually tells the documentation and software’s prices, which have been taken by the business’s licensee. In this part, the business licensee needs to agree in providing the business royalties to the business’s licensor based on company software’s net sales.

Company Intellectual Property

The professional source code ownership agreement example must explain the conditions and terms of a business’s intellectual property. In this business, the licensee must have arrangements to protect software’s copyrights and business warranties.

Commercial Source Code Agreement Ecample

The source code contract is a legal and valid company document that arranges the conditions and terms of the business’s software arrangements. When you want to construct ideal and professional source code arrangements, the source code agreement is something you and your business partner need. You can find the best models of source code contract here in any format to help you professionally draft the contract.

Source Code License Agreement Template