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Arranging a wedding is certainly not an easy job if you are the one responsible for it. Since tons of things need to be well-organized, it can be so stressful once you miss several of the arrangments that should be covered. It is also crucial to review whether all arrangements have been made on time. Thankfully, by utilizing a simple wedding checklist you will manage to get through all of these issues. This article will specifically provide example of a simple checklist for wedding to help you in planning a smooth and successful wedding.

Printable Wedding Checklist

Gather Some Simple Wedding Design

The first and most important thing to be listed in the simple wedding checklist is collecting some wedding design inspiration. You should do this a long time before starting from a year before. Start looking for any wedding ideas from your social media such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. You need to decide how the wedding decoration will be set up and some other things carefully.

Sample Wedding Checklist

Hire The Simple Wedding Staffs

The second most crucial thing mentioned in the simple wedding checklist is hiring those who will be working on the wedding day. It can include the photographer, videographer, vendors, bands, or DJ who will be part of the wedding team.

Simple Wedding Planning Checklist

Book The Venue Simple Wedding

Booking the venue for a special wedding day should be done as soon as possible to avoid some potential issues such as the fully-booked venue.

Wedding Day Checklist

Pick Out The Guests Simple Wedding

Another essential thing covered in the simple wedding checklist is picking out who will get the wedding invitation. You ought to discuss with the bride or groom to be in deciding which guests will be invited to the wedding. By doing so, you will be able to make a list of guests more successfully.

Wedding Decor Checklist

Determine The Wedding Menu

It is crucial to consider which foods and drink that will be suitable to be served to the wedding guests. If by any chance your wedding venue does not offer a catering service, start looking for one and hire the catering service approximately a month before the day.

Wedding Flowers Checklist

Shop For The Wedding Outfit

The simple wedding checklist will suggest you start shopping for wedding dresses or wedding suits as soon as possible. Be thoughtful about selecting the kind of wedding outfit that will suit the wedding theme and design.

Wedding Photographer Checklist

Make A Hotel Reservation Room For Out-Of-Town Guests

Providing your out-of-town guests with convenient hotel rooms to stay in is also essential. You can reserve any hotel rooms near the venue to make these guests easily reach where the wedding will take place.

Wedding Registry Checklist

Having given the ultimate lists for planning a wedding in the checklist above, it is hoped that you will finally get the inspiration for what needs to be done in arranging a wedding. Each wedding can have different themes, so putting additional steps or items in your checklist is suggestible to adapt to different types of weddings. You can also look for simple wedding planner checklist for more various types of checklist.

Wedding Services checklist

Simple Wedding Checklist Templates Sample

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