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What Is A Share Purchase Agreement?

When you are on your social media, you might pass by with a business headline about shares that a person has bought a massive amount of shares. And then some other headlines tell you about the shareholders. Yes! It is a common thing in the business which has been significant and very profitable. People love buying shares and selling it or getting some profits from it. When you are planning to deal with this matter, you will be familiar with the share purchase agreement. It is a document that outlines the deal of buying and sale of shares between two parties (company and shareholders). If you want to learn its format, you can download our share purchase agreement templates.

Revenue Share Purchase Agreement

If you are planning to use our templates, we suggest you download the share purchase agreement Word format because it is easier to edit and reformat. There is also a share purchase agreement short form for the simplers agreement format.

Sample Share Purchase Agreement

Share Purchase Agreement Benefits

The use of this agreement is to record the deal between both parties and they should follow what has been stated in the agreement or contract. None of them will cheat because there is a consequence when one breaches the deal.

Share Purchase Agreement Cedires

Note that the share purchase agreement is a legal contract which states that two parties have two mutual consent. On this page, you are going to learn how to write a deal in a professional contract, whether it is using our template or creating from scratch. We have essential information that you have to know.

Subscription Share Purchase Agreements

Things You Need To Know About The Purchase Agreement

Because this is a legal contract and you will make formally, the first rule is trying to state everything clearly. One of the most important things is explaining the types of shares. It should be mentioned numerically. Besides, another details such as closing date and paid inclusion are strongly necessary.

Another essential detail to include are the details of both parties. In this case, the features that should be mentioned is the seller and buyer. Mention the rights of the seller and buyers.

The purchase agreement is also mistakenly well-known as the stock purchase agreement. Some people find it challenging to differentiate the two of them. Even though both of them sound similar, actually it is different in some ways in terms of the agreement format. Besides, the asset purchase agreement is also unusual than it is focused on the assets. So, be careful when you are trying to draft it.


Making aPUH agreementn excellent share purchase agreement is now very easy, fortunately. Thanks to the share purchase agreement templates that can help us write the deal properly. You now can draft it quickly. Don’t worry because the deal is customisable and editable. So, try it with your favourite template format.

That’s all we have about how to make a proper agreement. Explore more templates on our website! All of them are free!