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Undertaking a security audit can be a complex task once you have no clue what items will be required for the process. It is pretty understandable since inspecting the security management system demands a lot of items that need to be covered. By utilizing a security audit checklist, it will be easier for you to take care of the issue. In this article, you will be provided an example of security audit checklist that includes some necessary items for the security audit. Hopefully, it can help you in giving a picture of what steps should be done while conducting the security audit process.

Physical Security Audit Checklist Example

Inspect the security policy

The first and most essential step listed in the security audit checklist is inspecting whether the security policies have been in place. This is especially because these policies are made to safeguard various assets of the corporation such as its physical and IT assets. You have to construct this policy if it has not covered yet in your organization. You ought to evaluate some risks and potential dangers that can happen as it will assist you to decide what to add in the policy intended for security.

Safety Security Audit Checklist Examples

Review the security training

The second most important step mentioned in the security audit checklist is performing the security training checks of your employees. Most organizations require their employees to be trained in security such as understanding what should be done during a physical emergency and maintain the security of company’s assets.

Security Audit Checklist

Scan the building access security audit checklist

Another important item that needs to be covered in the security audit checklist is scanning the building access. You need to survey who has the authority to access the buildings and who does not. Ensuring all your employees have access for it is crucial. In addition, do the exact same thing to the visitors. Make sure that the entrances and the exits are monitored.

Security Audit Checklist Template

Examine the identification process security audit checklist

The next item included on the list is the identification process. You ought to check all the employees working in the building have been through some identification process to prove they really work there. Do the same identification process for the visitors as well.

Faculty and Security Audit Checklist Template

Investigate the hazardous materials security audit checklist

Since every company buildings possess some hazardous materials, you must investigate the proper information on these materials. Including the details of the materials such as their names and titles, the uses, the frequency of their use, and their current availability is crucial. Then, you have to make sure that these materials are maintained in a safe environment.

Home Security Audit Checklist Template

The example of checklist template given above is hoped to be sufficient in giving you information of what items needed for the security audit. As this checklist is editable, you can edit it by adding more essential items that may have not been covered yet. You can also look for cyber security audit checklist and cyber security audit checklist PDF for more various types of checklist.

Sample Security Audit Checklist Template

Network Security Internal Audit Checklist Template

Physical Security Audit Checklist Template