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Securing your property from any risk and danger is always as essential as evaluating its security services. If you are responsible for the inspection of your property security services, you need to ponder about it more as this is certainly not an easy job. Thankfully, by employing a security assessment checklist, your job will be a lot easier. Here is an example of physical security assessment checklist consisting of some important aspects of the security services of a property. Hopefully, it can help you in assessing which aspects of your property that have been sufficient or which ones that should be improved.

Risk Security Assessment Checklist

Steps in Making Security Assessment Checklist

  1. Identify the location of the entry point
    The first essential point that is included in the security assessment checklist is identifying where is the suitable location of your property’s entry point. You can also verify whether a single point of entry is needed.
  2. Plan who will be in charge of doing the assessment
    Another crucial thing mentioned in the security assessment checklist is identifying who will lead the assessment process and be responsible for the building plan.
  3. Develop your general security assessment plan
    You must coordinate with the local law enforcement to undertake the general security assessment.
  4. Update the building emergency and evacuation plan
    One essential thing covered in the security assessment checklist is keeping your building emergency and evacuation plan up-to-date. You need to list the last update and review it with your staff.
  5. Indicate the last date of evacuation drill
    It is important to mention whether you have conducted an evacuation drill within the last 6 months. If by any chance you have not updated it for more than six months, you have to conduct in the next quarter.
  6. List the building floor plans and the evacuation area’s updates
    Ensuring whether the building floor plans and the evacuation area updated is one point that should never be omitted. Make sure if they are available to law enforcement and fire department.
  7. List the secured facilities
    The security assessment checklist suggests you to always have the lists of secured facilities such as buildings, rooms, and storage. You also need to note who is responsible for securing the facilities and include access points that will be closed in the situation of minimum level access.
  8. Report suspicious personnel
    Addressing how to report some suspicious personnel or people in your plan is always suggestible. Identify and state who will take care of this matter and how this matter will be handled.
  9. Report unidentified vehicles parked
    Including instructions on how to report parked unidentified vehicles or those that operate within the building area is also crucial.

Safety and Security Assessment Checklist

The example of checklist template given above is hoped to be adequate in giving you inspiration for what aspects of your property that need to be assessed. As this checklist is editable, you can edit it by adding more essential aspects that may have not been covered yet. You can also look for security risk assessment checklist for more various types of checklist.

Security Assessment Checklist


Sample Security Assessment Checklist Template

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