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If you are a parent, then you will understand a situation when your kids cannot attend the class. There must be many reasons. This could be sickness, family matters and many more. If their school is not well-informed, this will affect to their learning development and even can cause another consequences in terms of education. This is why you should leave a note to the school so they can understand why your kids cannot attend the class. To ease you drafting it, you can use the school note template for free on this page.


Besides the school note template, we also provide school absense note template and excuse note for school template. These sheets come in various format that you can edit as you need.

Why Do You Need To Send A School Note?

If you were the teacher and then you notice couple of students were not attending the class, you might have been wondering what caused them to be absence. So, by using the school note template, you can shorten your work yet are still be able to draft the document properly. Besides, there are many strong reasons why you need to make a school note for the students.

  • Verifying the absence – The first reason to send a note to the teacher is to verify the student is absence due to certain reasons. Besides, school can validate what is happening to the student so the individual should skip the class. To prevent the kids doing deliquent thing, this note is very important. This is a part of control from both sides; parents and school. If you, as a parent, have found out your kids are absence without your concern and your permission, then you should have a big question and make some investigation.
  • Attendance Purpose – In any institution, attendance is a part of policy. Even in the school. The institution wants to make sure the students are following the material well by attending the class. When students are absent, then there must be some missing points which later can affect the academic performance. So, this is not only an obligatory, this is also a part of control how to make the students attend the school and make it as a habit.
  • For Preparation – If your kid is planning to be absent in a hefty amount, there will be some important things to skip. Later, this will be a big problem because the progress of the kid’s learning might be slower compared to another kids. Therefore, the kids will be likely stayed in the class and do the same subject in another semester or year By providing a school note, the school will help you make some preparation or at least anticipation, what kind of things that will be missed out during the absence. Later, you can discuss it together with the teacher how your kids should chase the material so he/she can join the same exam or get the same progress.

Sample Doctors Note for Student

How to Make The A School Note

By using the school note template, your job will be easier because you don’t have to waste your time write an excuse note in a polite way. The template consist of important terms that will not make you miss out important details. Of course, you will be able to edit it based on your needs.

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