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Being responsible for handling the school preparation can be quite daunting if you have no clue what should be done during the process. It is an understandable feeling as so many things have to be taken care of. Thankfully, by using a school checklist your job in preparing the school activity will be more efficient. It is a useful tool that will ensure you have handled the school activity successfully. In this article, you will be provided an example of a back to school checklist template that can be used as a reference for preparing the school before it starts.

eSafety checklist for schools for school leadership teams PDF

Manage The Classroom Environment

The first and most essential thing that should be prepared and covered in the school checklist before the school starts is managing the condition of classrooms. You need to arrange the classroom furniture, establish your classroom environment with some interactive bulletin boards, check out the classroom projector, the classroom computers, the listening center, as well as other audiovisual equipment in the classroom.

Facility Inspection Checklist

Prepare The Students

The second most crucial activity listed in the school checklist is obtaining your students’ supplies such as papers, pencils, crayons, scissors, glues, and rulers. You also need to make students’ name tags to make you recognize your students easily. Establishing and giving out some letters to parents to introduce yourself, declaring your class expectations and schedules, preparing the materials for your students homeworks, as well as constructing a class list and seats to avoid potential discipline problems are also necessary.

Health and safety checklist for Classroom

Prepare Your Teaching Activity

Designing your weekly schedule and planning your first day activities and lesson plans for the first week is also suggested by the school checklist.

Home School Checklist

Handle The First Day Activities

Tons of things should be considered once you reach the first day of school. The school checklist will suggest you arrive earlier, start greeting your students at the door, assigning your students to go to their seats, and show them where to put their backpacks once they entered the classroom. It will be even better if you have prepared your name written on the board to make the students know you.

Medicine Application School Checklist

Manage Your Classroom

It is really important to know how to manage your classroom. You may choose the class helpers that will help you in carrying out your classroom activity, perform the “Getting to Know You” activities with your students, make the students get involved in the process of developing the class rules, review the rewards and consequences, and make a discussion regarding the procedures for using the sink, water fountain, restroom, closets, library corner/centers, etc.

outside school hours care principals checklist 1

Since the lists of activities given in the checklist above are editable, you can customize and include other steps or activities that you think are necessary. It will always be acceptable to add other particular steps to adapt to certain school situations that can happen. You can also look for school supplies checklist for more various types of checklist.

School Parent Compact Checklist


School Checklist Sample Templates

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