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Every restaurant owner is in risk being opposed by their employees or business partners. This is why it is necessary to protect the kitchen secret and management’s trade from such people. Besides, maybe you are wondering big restaurant chains such as McD, and KFC have so many employees around the world, but they can keep their product and recipe safe even though they have so many employees they have been working with. If you are wondering how this works, it is because each of them has the regulation such as an agreement that ensures each employee and business partner will keep the secret. If you are considering this, then you need the restaurant non disclosure agreement template.

Restaurant Employee Non Disclosure Agreement Template

The Definition of A Non Disclosure Agreement

So, what is the non disclosure agreement? This is a contract between two parties or more which they agree to keep the information on the company and individual secret. Usually, this agreement is attached to the job contract and written formally. To make the terms and clauses apply, both parties should sign the deal, and the representative should notarise this so it can be said a valid document. This agreement is also named the proprietary information agreement, confidentiality agreement and secrecy agreement.

Restaurant Sale Non Disclosure Agreement Template

The purpose of this agreement is to protect the business from a particular interest in a party. For example, a company wants every employee to keep the recipe and the supplier contact secret, and they are not allowed to share this information with another party. So, this restaurant non disclosure agreement template can help you draft the contract properly.

Restaurant Supplier Non Disclosure Agreement Template

How To Write A Non Disclosure Agreement

Now, writing a non disclosure agreement is not difficult. You can download our free non disclosure agreement template Word, Excel or PDf. You can add or remove the desired clauses and terms. We suggest you not to ignore this aspect to protect your business. You can follow the guide below to make a valid and binding agreement.

Try to figure out the specific policies that you want to keep confidential

The first step before writing the agreement is deciding the particular systems and underline the items you want to keep secret. This can be anything, and it is up to you. These can be the cooking recipes that have been passed down by the family, the supplier’s data, the accounting report, and so on. Besides, each employee might have a different form of agreement based on their responsibility in the restaurant.

Seafood Restaurant Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreement Template

Determine the timeframe

Every agreement has the timescale. Decide when the deal will be active and will end. However, many companies also want former employees to keep everything confidential even though the contract has ended. Therefore, the employee or business partner cannot freely divulge the secret. If they do this, you are allowed to take the legal action, and you might have a bigger chance to win the battle in front of the court because you have the valid proof.

Simple Restaurant Confidentiality Agreement With Non Disclosure Clause Template

Consult with your lawyer

Consulting with the lawyer will help you pick the legal wording that has a definite meaning and arrange the clause and terms better.

Blank Resto Bar Non Disclosure Agreement Template


Restaurant Non Disclosure Agreement Sample Template

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