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A Definition Of A Resignation Checklist Template

In a working place, of course, there are some people may feel they can’t get through the work and feel upset, so they can leave their jobs anytime. The process of resigning from a job is almost similar to when the workers enlist into the company. They have to prepare some things before they resign from their jobs, such as preparing a submission letter, noticing the HR of the company, informing their colleagues, etc. Since there are many things they need to cover, they surely will need an assistant to help them to organize their tasks and schedules. This assistant can be formed into a resignation checklist template. This checklist will assist you to do several things we’ve mentioned before and others that may come later on.

HR Resignation Checklist Template

Do We Need A Resignation Checklist Template?

Basically, this checklist will not only help them to organize their tasks and schedules but also monitoring the tasks they have done, so they’ll know what they will do in their next steps. Since the process of resigning from a job will surely take time, the workers need to be prepared for everything they need, so they surely need this checklist. Therefore, in this section, you’ll get some insights that you can use to make a resignation checklist form.

1. Read some templates on the internet

This first tip is very helpful for you if you don’t know what you need to write on your checklist. You can also use the templates on the internet as your references to create your own checklist. Make sure you find templates that are easy to be understood and followed by people. Each statement of the checklist have clear points and belongs to the right aspects.

Job Resignation Checklist Template

2. Identify the aspects of the resignation checklist template

After reading the references, you can choose and identify the items that suit your condition at that time. You can create the checklist by yourself or take it from your references. You can use some references and combine them into one checklist. And always remember to organize the aspects in the right groups, such as preparing the documents, noticing your HR, informing your colleagues, complete a resign interview, etc.

Staff Resignation Checklist Template

3. Review the employee resignation checklist template

Do this tip when you’re done with your checklist. The purpose of this tip is to avoid the mistakes that you may make in the future since the checklist covers a lot of things. When you find some mistakes, you can directly revise it because you do a double-check to your checklist.

Student Employment Resignation Checklist

4. Make a printable resignation checklist template

This tip is a must when you make a checklist. Why so? Print a checklist will help you to tick your checklist easier. A print checklist is also easy to be carried and will make you work more effectively. Some software programs on your computer you can use to make a checklist are Excel and Word. If you are connected with the internet, you can use Google Docs, Google Sheet, Infogram, Rowshare, etc.

Director Resignation Checklist Template


Resignation Checklist Sample Template

Employee Resignation Checklist TemplateHandover Resignation Checklist Template