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As a hotel reservation agent, your job of providing services to the hotel guests can often be really heavy. As tons of things should be taken care of, it is very normal if you feel so much apprehension for being given such a task. Still, carrying out your duty successfully is crucial. By using a reservation checklist, your work of managing the guests’ reservations will be more efficient. It is a useful tool to make sure that the hotel reservation process runs smoothly. In this article, you will be provided an example of a hotel reservation checklist template that can be used as a reference for the hotel reservation agents.

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Consider the VIP guests Reservation Checklist

The first and most important point listed in the hotel reservation checklist is considering the VIP guests. You have to examine whether a particular guest is considered to be a ‘Very Important Person’ (VIP). These VIP guests usually perform a slightly different check-in process than those who are considered to be the non-VIP guests.

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Greet your guests friendly Reservation

Greeting your hotel guests in a friendly manner is vital. You can greet them by saying things such as ‘good morning’, ‘good afternoon’, or ‘good evening’. While you are working as the front office staff, you are the guests’ first and the last contact point. Therefore, make sure to always make excellent first impressions upon their arrivals. You need to be excellent in communication, patient, empathetic and give them a big warm smile while maintaining eye contact which assures your full attention.

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Verify the guests’ reservation

The reservation checklist also provides a point that allows you to check whether your guests have made a reservation at the hotel. If they have not reserved a room at your hotel, then require them to register first. Meanwhile, if they have reserved a room at the hotel, you can pre-entered the details that need to be confirmed.

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Check the room’s availability Reservation

Making sure any room is available for your guests is also vital. Before you can provide a room for any walk-in guests, the reservation checklist will suggest you to check if any rooms are available. You ought to consider this as the first essential step for any walk-in guests to avoid wasting time.

Reservation Checklist Template 1

Suggest alternatives for the walk-in guests Reservation

One important point that should also be covered in the reservation checklist is suggesting alternatives for the walk-in guests. If no rooms are available for the walk-in guests, you must politely apologize and suggest to them some alternative places to stay.

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Allocate rooms for your guests Reservation

Having obtained the guests’ required details and run through any possible room options, what you need to do next is allocating the befitting room for your guests. You must ensure to record all the necessary information during the room allocation and check-in process.

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The checklist template above serves as a reference to what you should do to utilize a hotel reservation checklist. Any additional items can be inserted to adapt to each different situation that may happen. You can also search for hotel reservation agent checklist for more various templates.

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