6+ Sample Reseller Agreement Templates For Reseller Business

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If you are buying something to sell it again, then you are in the reseller business. In this case, you should sign the reseller agreement to make sure your contract will be beneficial for yourself and the company. This agreement will also outline certain things from terms and confidentiality.

Mutual Reseller Agreement Template

Creating this agreement is very easy. You don’t have to find the reseller agreement software as we provide you the best templates to customize. You can download the agreement templates for free and find the best feature. Our models enable you to edit and customize it.

Software Reseller Agreement Template

Why Do You Need The Reseller Agreement Template?

This template is almost similar to the buy-sell agreement. This agreement will require the seller and the buyer agreement to purchase the items and sell them legally. The terms and conditions and also clauses will typically depend on both parties. Sometimes, this also talks about usage restrictions.

Standard Reseller Agreement

If a person sells a commodity that the agreement doesn’t allow, then this individual can be said breaching the contract, and it is strongly legal for the company to take legal action.

Value Added Reseller Agreement Template

When Do You Need The Reseller Agreement?

This contract is a standard document that the business people sign from the suppliers, wholesalers, and also the partner agencies. There are times you need the reseller contract to make sure the business runs smoothly without discord in the future:

  • In case you are selling your brand or the secondhand products in your garage sale, then you don’t need this contract.
  • If you are running a profitable business that selling the available commodities, then you have to sign the contract, especially if you are planning to buy in large capacity.

Advertising Reseller Agreement

Besides, make sure you also underline certain things in the agreement, such as:

  • The relationship between buyer and seller before selling the products to the customers. In this case, if you are a person who is trying to sell a product, then you have to make sure of your relationship with the product owner. Are you their reseller? Or something else? State it in the agreement clearly.
  • Consider the obligations that the seller requires for the end purchaser.
  • Terms such as modification of the products that you might want to do before you redistribute it.
  • At a glance, such kind of thing sounds so healthy and natural. There are many aspects you should reconsider when you want to be a reseller. Some wholesalers have a complicated agreement, but you can always negotiate it with them and make everything easier for you without putting the business at risk.

Equipment Reseller Agreement

To use this template is very easy. You only need to download the template with your desired format. Because you mostly want to edit and add more clauses in the agreement, download it with Word or Excel format. Then, read up the whole deal and terms inside. If you think you need some changes, you can add or remove it by yourself. We always suggest you consult with the personal advisor, such as an attorney, to break down your details professionally.