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If you work in the company, of course, you are familiar with the agreement. Every company cannot be separated from some kinds of transactions. The deal will also be legal protection for the company itself. A company sometimes requires you to use your name on behalf of that company. Therefore, you need to make a representation agreement template.

Sample Limited scope Representation Agreement

Representation Agreement Definition

A representation agreement is a legal document created to help you make crucial decisions. The people you have chosen will represent you in every decision you make when you cannot make your own decisions. The representative or people you want must sign the representation agreement template so that the decision they make is legally valid.

Sample Representation Agreement

Who Should Make A Representative Agreement?

Someone who has entered adulthood and can make sensible decisions can make this agreement. Making decisions is not easy because they have to consider many aspects. Therefore, the person making a representation agreement must understand the context and nature of the decision to be taken. And most importantly, before signing the representation agreement template, you must know the meaning and consequences of the decisions made.

Service Representative Agreement

When Do You Need This Agreement?

You can make a representation agreement when you are considered able to agree. When agreeing, you must understand the context and consequences that will arise in the future. The deal will protect you from hesitant decisions.

Standard Representation Agreement

What Are The Responsibilities Of The Representative?

Representatives are the people you choose to replace you or your company in making decisions. As representatives, there are some responsibilities that they must carry out as follows. A representative must be honest and have good intentions in carrying out the things contained in the agreement. When a representative is dealing with finance, he must be able to separate the assets of the company and its assets. As a person who is trusted to represent, the representative must keep a record of activities that use his name. A representative must consider the terms and conditions contained in the representation agreement template because you will be dealing with the law if carelessly in making decisions.

Artist Representation Agreement

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Representation Agreement?

Agreements are made to benefit one another mutually. Here are some strengths and weaknesses of the agreement:


  • You can send someone legally to make decisions that do not harm you.
  • You can know that the decisions made by your representative are your desires and beliefs.
  • The agreement has definite limits. Without going through court proceedings, you can realise the deal.

Legal Representation Agreement


  • You must pay a lot of costs in the agreement, such as representative fees and the cost of preparing the contract.
  • Representative arrangements are quite complicated because representatives must have legal advice.
  • All parties must sign the contract.

Music Licensing Representation Agreement

You can get a legal representation agreement template for free from the internet. You can choose according to your needs because there are various designs and formats. Another advantage is that the model can be edited, so you don’t need to bother making a professional agreement template.

Printable Representation Agreement