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What Is A Release Note?

A release note is a document that is associated with the distribution and the release of the software. This relates to the good distribution and project management too. Usually, it is used as a way of giving customers updates about tested software. If you are running a business in this field, you can download the release note templates for free here. It is designed professionally so you don’t have to worry a lot about it.

Sample Template Project Release

On this page, we have the release notes email and also the release notes example document which is available for free too. These documents can be used as a reference so you can write it properly. The following are the common elements you should use when writing the release notes.

Sample Template Software Release Note

Elements To Include When Writing A Release Note

Header – First of all, the header sounds very trivial but it is important. You have to label it accordingly and remember there are some types of release notes. By writing its type on the header, the reader will have the idea of what the document is about. State it clearly here with the release number, version number, release dates, and other details.

  • Purpose of release note – The second element to write is the purpose of the release note. You are not suggested to write things that lead to confusion. You need to write a concise statement. So this is different from the promissory note, the release note is similar to the order forms in which a clear purpose needs to be defined.
  • Issue summary – When it comes to the software release note, the summary will help the customer or recipient to understand what the software is about and its enhancements.
  • Notes section – Lastly is the notes sections. This should be related to the product such as the characteristics, enhancements, and modifications.

Sample Template Test Release

How Do You Improve The Release Notes?

Because the release notes are critical in business, you need to make sure the following tips bellow is followed:

  • You need to break down the document into sections – To make the release note readable and understandable, you need to break it down into relevant sections. Create understandable subheadings, enhancements, new features, and changes. This will be easier for the readers to understand your release note.
  • Make a draft – Use our template to help you write the release note neatly. The draft should be purposed to edit and revisions. Later, have your friends or colleagues to read your release notes so you can improve the writing. Also, make sure your statement simpler.
  • Use a high-quality release notes template – Ensure you only use a high-quality template. This will ease your job rather than focusing on minor details that can eat your time.
  • Use bullets – The last thing you have to underline is the use of bullets. In many cases, bullets make writing effective and more understandable.

Sample Template Delivery Release

That’s all that we have about how to write a release note properly. Don’t forget to download our templates. It is free!

Release Note Templates Sample

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