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Release Agreement Definition

A release agreement is a contract between two parties that everyone in the document agrees that they have no claim against the parties involved in the transaction. Usually, this document is used in legal claim settlement. For example, you have just experienced an accident, and your car is broken down. And then another driver’s insurance is offering you a car fix. If you agree, you have to sign the release agreement in an exchange with the car repairment. In short, you agree that you are not going to sue the person who hit you in the accident. This means you are giving up your right to sue the parties involved. On this page, we provide you the release agreement templates that you can download for free so you can learn how to make it properly.

Release and Indemnity

Another document is the waiver of claims. This agreement allows you to provide you the protection of being sued by another party in a particular activity. For example, when you are working in the school, and you are creating an event such as camping with the kids, then you will need to use this agreement. The purpose of the deal is that you are letting know everyone the activity can be an injury risk, and the party who is joining the business is giving up the right to sue you.

Release of Claims

There are several release agreement templates that you can download for free besides the settlement and release agreement template and severance and release agreement template. Here is the shortlist you can pick for free.

Volunteer Agreement

Types Of Sample Release Agreement Templates

There are some types of release agreement that you might want to download from our page, which are:

  • Mutual release agreement template – If you are looking for a simple document with straightforward content, this template is what you need. This is proposed if you have an informal dispute settlement.
  • Release and hold harmless contract – If you need an agreement that helps you outline each party to release all parties from legal claims, then this is what you need.
  • Compromise and release contract – The template is designed for you, who have a project that requires workers. This template will help you outline the injured worker and party (usually the insurance institution) for compensation benefits.
  • Release agreement deal – This template is needed to make sure the litigation is removed.

Model Agreement

How To Make A Release Agreement

There are specific ways that you need to underline when creating the release agreement, which are:

  • Make sure it is clear and written – Note that the verbal deal or settlement is not valid because you don’t have a proof. A writing agreement won’t allow them to claims that you didn’t agree in the first place.
  • It should be clear – an excellent release agreement should be explicit, and this should make each party understand. Never use a language that has an ambiguous meaning. If you think you need to write a footnote, then do it.

Mutual Agreement1

Release Agreement Sample Template

Release Agreement ExampleRelease Agreement SampleRelease and Hold Harmless