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It is now a common thing if a couple wants to stay together without marriage. Some of them only want to test the water rather than having a failed marriage, which costs them a lot, which will affect not only their future, but also their children. There is a lot of effort that should be done, and it requires a lot of document. It is an endless work! Therefore, many couples prefer to use the relationship agreement templates so they can at least minimize such stuff.

General Relationship Agreement

On this page, you are going to find the relationship contract template Word, PDF, and Excel. The templates on our page are designed for free. You can edit and customize it with your clauses and terms.

What Are The Elements of Relation Agreement Templates?

If you are planning to live under one roof without marriage, agreeing is very crucial. Well, everyone can say that love will help you grow, and love is the power that you can give to your partner to support them in fixing their problems. However, keep in mind that you should set a limit. Whether it is with marriage or not, you might not want to fall under the pitfalls. In this agreement, you will set a deadline from your partner that you also have a life and things you should keep from anyone.

Cohabitation Agreement

If you are planning to use the relationship agreement templates, there are several tips you have to follow, which are:

  • Transparency – Agreement in a related term is about transparency. You have to make sure that you always tell everything clear about the limitation of your relationship. For example, when it comes to paying bills and specific stuff such as debt, make sure you state it clear whether you want to help your partner or not.
  • Communication – There are several things that you might find difficult to tell. Note that a conversation is crucial in a relationship, especially if you want to stay together with your partner on the same roof. There must be several disagreements that might lead to fighting.
  • Be open – If you are free to your partner, you might need to lay everything on the table. Be honest and truthful about everything about you, and tell your partner about how you feel rather than second-guessing.
  • Sacred Space – Probably you need to set several times for your “me time.” Being with a partner every time actually is not always right. There are times you want to be alone and recharge yourself doing your own thing. This actually can make the relationship stay fresh and beneficial.

relationship agreement sample

How To Use The Relationship Agreement Templates

Using the relationship agreement template is very easy. Just download the template with your desired format and then check if you want to change some clauses and terms inside the models. Usually, there are not a lot of changes in the models. If you have specific conditions, you can go editing it.

relationship agreement

A tip for a successful agreement is to understand the purpose of why you want to stay together with your partner. State the goal, and try as much as you can that you will use the past agreement. This might be a painful circumstance for your partner because every person is different. Therefore, discuss it before you draft it.