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As a real estate agent, your job of selling properties can often be demanding. If you are still new to this field, it is very normal if you feel so much apprehension for being given such task. Still, carrying out your task successfully is crucial. By using a real estate checklist for agents, you will be able to work more efficiently. It is an extremely useful tool that will make your property sales run smoothly as well as reminding you which tasks that have not been accomplished. This article will specifically provide you an example of a real estate checklist for agents that can be used as a reference in selling properties.

Real Estate Checklist for Agents Format

Provide your buyers a copy of the executed contract Real Estate

The basic important point that should be covered in the real estate checklist for agents is to give your buyers a copy of the agreement contract. Adding the contact information for buyers and sellers is also necessary. You need to also provide agent and broker’s information along with the address and licensing information.

State the property’s information

The property information should also be included in the checklist. It usually covers the address of the property, the property’s purchase price, the loan amount and its changes if there are any, and the close escrow date.

Confirm your buyers’ identity

The real estate checklist for agents also suggests you verify your buyers’ identity such as their names, marital status, and their title to the property. It is also essential to confirm that the buyer and seller have properly stated their ID and names on the contract which also match the names on their ID.

Sample Checklist for Real Estate Agents

Include the commission demand statements

Including the commission demand statements especially from listing and selling brokers should always be noted as well in your checklist.

Make sure who will make the payment

It is important to include this in the real estate checklist for agents. You need to ensure who will be responsible for paying the city transfer tax, the NHD report, and the home warranty by submitting a copy of the invoice. Do not forget to also make sure whether there are any seller credits such as closing costs or repair costs.

Provide a list of items that are paid outside of closing

These items may include providing the appraisals, the inspections, the credit reports, or the terms if there will be a rent back.

Provide other terms depending on the location

Providing other terms based on a particular location is also crucial. It can cover things such as the sewer lateral, the gas shut off, the forms required by the city, the repairs, the inspections, etc.

Real Estate Agent Checklist Plan Template

The checklist template above can serve as a reference of what you should do as a real estate agent. You may add more specific details to adjust particular conditions that may happen. You can also search for real estate checklist PDF and new real estate agent checklist PDF for more various templates.