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When you are working on a rental property, knowing some tips on maintaining your property is essential. Before welcoming your tenants to move in, several processes have to be carried out to avoid potential problems that will appear in the future. As managing property requires a lot of complex processes, things can get so complicated when you have no clue about how to start it in the first place. By having a property management checklist on your hand, things will get easier since it will help you in dealing with the confusion of how to manage your property. This article will specifically give you an example of a property management checklist that allows you to keep your rental property affairs on track.

Rental Property Management Checklist

Attract new tenant Property Management

The first and most essential process that the property management checklist should include is to look for your tenants. You can put up a sign, hand in flyers, or post it online by using an advertisement. When you decide to post it online, make sure to post it on your social media with high-quality pictures and keep the advertisement short but informative.

Sample Property Management Checklist

Interview your tenant Property

Having attracted some potential tenants, the next process is to arrange an interview with them. The property management checklist will suggest you to make an interview with your tenants before the tenancy agreement is executed. Since most interviews come via telephone, it is crucial to describe your property entirely without missing any points. Never forget to clearly mention the special amenities that your property provides as well as the area or neighborhood your property in. You may ask some questions such as your tenants’ reason for moving in, their ideal move-in dates, how many people who are going to move into the unit, and whether there will be any pets.

Selected Property Management Checklist

Ask your tenants to fill in the required documents Property

Asking your tenants to fulfill the rental requirements is also essential stuff to be listed in the property management checklist. You must require your tenants with their copy documents since it will ensure that your tenants are reliable. Check their government-issued photo ID, their income or employment verification, and their social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc if there is any.

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Give your tenants a tour around your property

Once your tenants finish the required documents, another essential process is to give your tenants a tour to show them around the condition of your property. By doing this, they can check themselves and ensure whether your property can meet their expectation. While giving a property tour, you should also observe your tenants’ attitude and behavior to verify whether they will be befitting tenants.

vacant Property Management Checklist

The checklist template above is intended to inspire you so that you can understand how to keep your rental property business stay organized. You may add more specific details to adjust particular conditions that may happen. You can also search for property management companies and property management company for more various templates.

Basic Property Management Checklist

Property Management Checklist Sample Template

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