Balance Sheet of Financial Company

5+ Sample Projected Balance Sheet Template

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Projected Balance Sheet: A Template to Record the Company’s Financial

Are you looking for a projected balance sheet? If you need it, this good source will be useful and helpful for you. Well, you need to know that the printable projected balance sheet is a template that tells the financial statement of the company. Exactly, it is about the assets of the company, liabilities, and shareholders’ equity in a specific time. To get complete information about it, you should follow it well!

Daily Cash Balance Sheet

5 Lists of the Projected Balance Sheet

You have to recognize that this kind of balance sheet provides 5 forms that are mainly used. Are you curious about those forms? If it is so, let’s check them in detail!

  1. The sheet of simple retail balance

What can you describe this first sample projected balance sheet? It covers some important elements. They are like the name of the company, assets, current assets, investments, property, plant, equipment, liabilities, stockholders equity, current liabilities, and long term liabilities.

Monthly Expenses

  1. The family budget balance sheet

Then, this second template will tell the assets and liabilities. The elements in this sheet template are the item, number of accounts, total face value, bills, notes, certificates, and maturity date. Besides, there are also the element of head, wife, all family members, and records consulted.

  1. The balance sheet of the company project

What about this kind of sheet template? Yea, in this template, you should include equity and liabilities, shareholders’ funds, non-current liabilities, current liabilities, assets, non-current assets, and current assets.

Simple Retail Balance Sheet

  1. The sheet template of sample balance

In this projected balance sheet sample, what can you find? Yea, you will know some elements in it. They are the title, assets, operating funds, reserve funds, total reserve funds, total assets, members’ equity, and total member equity. In the operating funds, there are checking accounts and total operating funds. In the reserve funds, there are citizens business, an American bank, and our bank and trust. Then, in the members’ equity, there are retained earnings in prior years and the current year.

  1. The balance sheet of daily cash

This last form of the balance sheet is the simple one. Why can it be like that? Yea, there are the month, date, income, cost, profit, balance, starting balance, ending balance, loan repayment, and net profit.

Balance Sheet of Family Budget

3 Main Elements in the Sheet of Projected Balance

If you create this kind of sheet template, you must include the following elements. It is like that to get an appropriate form. Well, these are the elements that you should write.

  1. Assets

The first element is the assets. What do you know about it? Yea, it is actually about all of the things that the business or company owns. When you write this element, please order it from top to the bottom based on the liquidity of the assets.

  1. Liabilities

What does it mean? Yea, it means that the different amounts of money from a company to outside parties. It can be from the rent, utilities, salaries, and others.

  1. Shareholder’s equity

This is the last element that you should include in. It is like the money attributable to the business owners.

Balance Sheet of Financial Company

That’s all about the projected balance sheet printable. Hopefully, you can understand it well so that you can create it suitably!