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When you manage to follow all the steps required in a specific process accordingly, the chance of succeeding in what you are planning to do will more likely to be higher. When tons of things have to be done, there is always a possibility of forgetting a few of the steps that you need to accomplish. Therefore, you must take notes of the things that have to be done for a specific project. Using a process checklist template will be such a great help since it will assist you to keep on the track. This article will be specifically focused on providing one simple example of a business process checklist template that can assist you in business process analysis.

Process Improvement Checklist Template

Check your record-keeping responsibilities

The first essential step listed in the process checklist template is to check the record-keeping of your business. It is usually related to the administrative requirements. First, you need to ensure whether you have consulted with the MUA regarding the MURRS requirements. Other important points may include making sure the format of files that will be delivered by the vendor/imaging product and whether it is reviewed and approved by ISR and MUA.

Recruitment Process Checklist Template

Review the documentation Process Checklist

Another point that should be covered in the process checklist template is reviewing the creator of the documents, the purpose of the documents concerning your office functions and business processes, and whether the documents related to McGill business systems. You must also review the key search fields for the documents, whether or not the documents have been indexed, and whether there is a standard vocabulary or authority list of terms applies for indexing. If the documents are related to the business’ functions, make sure you have consulted with ISR regarding the initiative. You need to also review if has ISR been involved in the selection of the product and check whether the project documentation should comprise the product details as well as the vendor contact information.

Sales Process Checklist Template

Examine the process mapping

Examining the process mapping is also crucial. Making sure the way the documents currently used such as those who have the access, review or approves the documents should be included in the list. You also cannot forget to examine how often the documents are accessed, how they are related to other records maintained by the office, and whether you have stored multiple copies of the documents.

Service Review Process Checklist Template

Inspect the project responsibility

It is also suggested by the process checklist template to inspect the project responsibility. It can cover who will be the person responsible for scanning in the area and whether the schedule is planned for daily, weekly, or monthly.

Business Process Checklist Template

By using the example of checklist template above, it is hoped that you can get a picture of what steps should be done in the business process analysis. Adding different and specific items to your process checklist template will be acceptable to adapt to each different situation that may happen. You can also search for process checklist template word for more various templates.

Hiring Process Checklist Template

Sample Process Checklist Template

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