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What Are Budget and Budgeting?


Budget is the estimated allocation of expenses and revenue in a specific of time. It is usually evaluated periodically. In this case, a budget can be for everyone whether an individual, a business, a government, a countru, a group of people, a family and so on. In the business matter, a budget is the main tool and this document is also required by the external parties.

Sample Printable Bi Weekly Budget


When the budget is the result of financial planning, then the budgeting itself is the process of creating it. By creating this plan, you can figure out whether you have sufficient fund for expenses or don’t have it. Technically, using this plan will help you from overspending that can damage your financial condition.

Sample Printable Family Budget

Why Is Budgeting Very Important?

Budgeting becomes the main step to reach a goal. This allows you toe make a plan before purchasing something. Most people always end up in trouble after spending their money on some stuff even though they are so sure they spend it for cheap things. In fact, this is the money trap which each of them buying cheaper price with regular frequencies. If you calculate it, it even exceed your own budget expectation. Furthermore, budgeting can help you buying necessary stuff and focus on more emergency need.

Sample Printable Monthly Budget

What Are Types of Budgets?

There are some type of budgets that you should know so you can suit with your own need.

Budget Development Process – This process is started by making assumptions for the upcoming plan which you should refer to the cost trends, pojected sales trands, and also the overall outlook of the market or industry. This is firstly developed becase the subsequent expenses cannot be predicted wihout the future cashflows.

Sample Printable Wedding Budget

Personal Budgets – For individual and families, they have different format about bugeting which we usually call this the personal budget. This method is not only for people who want to closely monitor the cas flows but also to help them reach goals through expense scenario. THerefore, people who always make budget plan will stay on track and keep more money than people who don’t.

Sample Basic Budget Printable

Enjoying the income is actually good, or if you are running a bussiness with abundant fund always sounds great. You can do whatever you want. However, we don’t know what the future holds. The world and the economy condition in our surrounding changes always. Therefore, making anticipation is always a wise option.

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To help you secure your financial, we provide you the sample printable budget templates that can be your guide on how to make a proper money management. This is a good way to start with. You know how to manage your income in a professional way so you can reach your goal faster. Besides, our templates and samples are all free. You can download them and suit it with your need! All of them are also customizable and personalizable.

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