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Living in this millennial era, don’t you support the importance of having schedule templates to organize everything? To keep everything under control this kind of thing will be much help for your private and professional life. But if you are someone who doesn’t like to use the print out paper, how about having powerpoint schedule templates to help?

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What is wrong with using paper?

Are you aware of how polluted our earth is? Do you know that paper is one of many things that polluted the earth? But there are still a lot of people who cannot live their life without paper. According to Theworldcount about 465.400 tons of papers produced a long 2019. So, what is wrong with paper?

  1. It is made of trees (93% of it),
  2. It needs about an average of 5 liters water to make a single A4 paper, and
  3. Most companies waste was composed of paper

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Those facts should be enough to make you aware of how important it is to reduce the use of paper for the safety of our Earth. Thus, using powerpoint schedule templates should help you organize everything yet still be able to save the Earth.


Why Do You Need A Digital Template?

As a citizen of the Earth, it is our responsibilities to keep it save. We are the ones who damaged the Earth, and we should be the ones who save it, right? But if you haven’t convinced yet, let’s comprehend the reasons we provides for you.

  1. Healthy environment, healthy living
  2. The temperatures are getting higher from time to time
  3. What do you want your grandchildren to live with? Vultures?
  4. The importance of Biodiversity
  5. Earth is our Home

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So what are you waiting for? The use of powerpoint schedule templates will help you to take part in saving the world from its extinction.


What can we do to make it better?


As we know that paper is one of the pollutants that exist in our environment. Many people believe that the start of the digital era will be the start of paper extinction, but no. According to Theworldcount, the demand for the paper were doubled since the beginning of the digital era. Then how to reduce it? Let’s see what Calicarting says about it

  1. Stop receiving and sending junk mail; use e-mail instead
  2. Printing isn’t always necessary; use something digital, powerpoint schedule templates for instance.
  3. Quit on relying everything on disposable material
  4. Do you love magazines and newspapers? Sign up their online version
  5. Etc,

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Those are some things you can do to reduce the use of paper and take part in saving the world. After knowing the disadvantages of using paper for our Earth, are you considering yourself to be more digital? Then how about visiting our website and get your powerpoint schedule templates to help you take control of your life while taking apart in saving the world? Check it out!