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If you are hired by a company before you graduate from the university, then you must need to sign the placement agreement. This agreement generally depends on the company and the college how they arrange such partnership. If your campus and certain company have this partnership, then you are required to follow the provisions required there. Besides, you might want to learn what the placement agency agreement is about.

Placement Agreement Template

How To Create The Placement Agreement

There are six steps you need to note before making the draft. Be careful when you are stating the clauses, make sure this will not lead to missunderstanding.

  • Responsibility – States the responsibilities and duties of the students so you can avoid teh aforeseeable risk. Define a clear procedure of the placement as well as contractually obligation to ease you supervise them to make sure they understand the basic safety.
  • Expectation – The next is the expected goal that the students can expect from the company they are working with. The agreement should state that the company will provide a workplace with a good environment and the company should take a responsibility while the students will act as the university’s ambassadors.
  • Medical consent form – State clauses that will guarantee the students will not disclose any information and they agree to follow this rule. Besides, if your company wants students to pay their medical cost, state it clearly in the agreement. However, mention disclaimer that the well-being of the students will be monitored.
  • Privacy information – The clauses also include the privacy of the organization. When students have signed the agreement, it means they should agree with the terms and conditions inside, including keeping the company’s information secret. They also needs to provide the testimonials, photograph and also footage.
  • Insurance – The clauses consist of appropriate coverage just in case the students make a claim. Mention the insurance clause for the safety of the students as well as the university.
  • Liability – The next step is considering the liability which making sure there is no party will replace the damage of the properties that are caused by the students’ negligence. Mention the steps to be taken in case there is a dispute between parties.

Sample Placement Agreement Example

How Many Types Of Placement Agreement Templates That We Provide On This Page?

We have tons of types of the placement agreement templates that you can download for free. Some of them include:

  • Student Intern Placement Contract – This agreement contains of basic terms and conditions for students intern placement. Make sure you review the contents inside the templates and add additional clauses if you need too.
  • Clinical Placement Contract Template – If you are looking for a template for students who are placed in the clinical industry, this template is for you. Personlize the templates properly and add your own terms and clauses. This template is designed professionally and you don’t need to make it from the scratch.

Standard Placement Agreement Example

There are still many templates that you can download. Explore more best templates on our website!

Placement Agreement Sample Templates

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