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What Is A Personal Budget?

A personal budget is a personal document which is about personal cash flow statement. This statement consists of cash flow which discusses the income and expenses. Not that the income is the after-tax net. Besides, this also talks about the balance sheet which also consists of two things; liabilities and assets. This is why we are always suggested to stay on monthly track if we want to gauge our financial condition and capability.

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Our page has tons of personal budget you can personalize for free. We have templates for helping you write down your expense as well as making the budget plan for a certain period.

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Even though writing a budget plan sounds to be a tricky task, but it is very crucial for your future life. Luckily, now we have many ways to make a proper  plan with our template and some of our tips below:

Collect Your Financial Statement

The financial statements are the first thing you should think about because this is the most valid way to know your expenses in a certain period. You can check your spending habit through this document. Later, you can dig more information in this document.

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Write Down All of Your Incomes

If you are a freelancer or an employee who has more than one income, ensure you also include your additional incomes besides your regular paycheck. Note that the incomes have already been taxed so you will only think about the net income. Record this and see how much money you make in a month.

Sample Personal Budget Tracking

Make Your Monthly Expenses

The next step is to make the monthly expenses. The expenses you should include such as the fixed bills, mortgage payment, auto insurance, car payments, utilities, groceries, dry cleaning, student loans, saving and also entertainment. This is all about the money you spend on.

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Break The Expenses Into Two Categories

The next you have to break your expenses into two categories. The fixed expenses are for the regular spending you have in a month. The second one is the variable expenses which are likely to change from month to month. These items are gasoline, groceries, eating out, gifts and other unexpected spending. This category is essential for adjusting.

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Total Your Income and Monthly Expenses

Next, you have to calculate all of your income and expenses. After that, see how much is your spending whether it is higher than your income or not. If you find this, then you need to make some adjustment toward your budget plan. Make sure you prioritize the things you need.

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Review Your Budget Monthly

Do review every day to keep you stay on track. At the first month, compare your actual expenses with your plan and see the difference. This can help you to improve your money management.

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Using our template to make this report is a very good choice because you can make the best decision with good detail. Our templates come with a simple format that will help you write down your money record.

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