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Payroll Timesheet: A Template to Check the Hour Numbers

Exactly, a payroll timesheet has an important role for a businessman or businesswoman. Why can it be like that? Yea, it is because this kind of timesheet will help you to know how many hours each employee has worked in a company. In another word, the printable payroll timesheet can be defined as a template that is used to keep track of the hour numbers. It means that it is for an employee who has worked in the organization. Furthermore, you are allowed to get the samples of the template in the information below.

Employee Payroll Timesheet Template

8 Samples of the Payroll Timesheet

You have to recognize that this kind of timesheet provides 8 samples that are mainly used. Here are the samples that you can choose.

  1. The timesheet template of professional payroll

This kind of timesheet covers the employee name, department, school, pay period, approval for payment, and signature.

  1. The timesheet template of simple payroll

In this sample payroll timesheet, there are the title, instructions, date, student name, and signature.

  1. The timesheet template of basic payroll

It contains the department, supervisor, employee information, address, time entry, and summary.

  1. The timesheet template of employee payroll

What about this template? It includes name, position, employee, worksite, payment for, day, date, work performed, budget code, beginning and ending times, and number.

Hourly Payroll Timesheet Template

  1. The timesheet template of biweekly payroll

There are the elements of department, employee name, employee ID, pay period, date, time in, time out, and hours worked. Besides, there are also annual hours, sick hours, other, and total hours.

  1. The timesheet template of hourly payroll

How about this payroll timesheet sample? It contains the employee, supervisor, submission period, total hours for regular time and overtime, and important notes.

Simple Payroll Timesheet Template

  1. The timesheet schedule of payroll

In this timesheet template, you will find the elements of pay period ending, payroll changes, online timesheets, transmit date, and pay date.

  1. The timesheet template of wage payroll

This last kind of timesheet template tells the name, ID number, pay period, day, 1st week, 2nd week, and total hours. Then, there are also approved, budget and fund, hourly rate, and total paid.

Payroll Timesheet Example

6 Steps to Create a Timesheet of Payroll

To make this kind of timesheet, you have to do some suggested steps. What are they? Let’s check those steps in detail!

  1. Make a new document

In this case, you are allowed to use any application that you want. It includes Word, Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers, and others.

  1. Add required details

Then, you have to add some min items in the timesheet. They are the name and organization address, name and title of the employee, the timespan of the timesheet, and supervisor name.

Professional Payroll Timesheet Template

  1. Make a column

It means that you should make a column for days. Please make it in the first column in the timesheet!

  1. Make columns for the hours

It includes the number of hours worked (hours), overtime, and employees cannot work (sick pay).

  1. Add hourly rate

Besides the hourly rate, you need to add the total number of hours worked in the timesheet.

  1. Customize it

To do this step, you are allowed to use bold text for the headings.

Payroll Timesheet Schedule

Well, it is about the payroll timesheet printable. Please understand it well!

Payroll Timesheet Template Sample

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